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  1. Babyliss Diamond Radiance Dryer 6421BDU


    Was: £55.00

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    A salon hairdryer with diamond infused ceramic outlet grille, combined with active ionic conditioners to transform your hair.  This results in your hair being visibly smoother, with a brilliant and healthy shine as it releases frizz-controlling ions.

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  2. Babyliss Elegance 2100 Hair Dryer 5560KU


    Was: £30.00

    Save £5.00

    Babyliss Elegance 2100 Hair Dryer 5560KU comes in a stylish raspberry coloured glossy finish. It looks great and - with its enhanced airflow technology - dries your hair quickly, and gives you long-lasting, smooth results.

    The Babyliss Elegance 2100 W hairdryer comes in a high gloss raspberry colour. It not only looks stunning, with its sleek and distinct design, but it also performs brilliantly! It features enhanced airflow technology for fast, smooth results.

    Babyliss Elegance 2100 Hairdryer has three heat and two speed settings, plus a cool shot for total control whilst drying. Included is an ultra slim concentrator nozzle with smooth airflow vents - allowing easy, precision styling.

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  3. Babyliss Powerlight 2000W Hair Dryer 5571U


    Was: £15.00

    Save £3.00

    Babyliss Powerlight 2000W 5571U Turbo Shine Hairdryer is just what you need for drying your hair quickly before you go out. Babyliss Powerlight Hair Dryer is a stylish, black 2000W hairdryer that gives you high performance and quick drying results. Babyliss Powerlight 5571U turbo shine is a compact, lightweight hairdryer that uses heat-balancing ceramic technology to give you good results. It has 3 heat and 3 speed settings, plus an additional cool shot to help you achieve the look you want. A concentrator nozzle allows you to dry your hair precisely, making it easier for you to style your hair. Learn More
  4. Remington Colour Protect Hair Dryer D6090


    Was: £29.99

    Save £15.00

    Remington Colour Protect Hair Dryer D6090: A Hair Dryer that prolongs beautiful colour.

    Remington Colour Protect Hair Dryer D6090 reduces colour fade and prolongs beautiful colour (versus a standard ceramic coated hair dryer).

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  5. Revlon 9142CU Powerdry 2000 Hairdryer


    Was: £10.50

    Save £0.51

    Revlon 9142CU Powerdry 2000 Hairdryer, The powerful hairdryer features three heat and speed settings so you can adjust it to suit your needs. Available from Gordons Direct. Learn More
  6. Revlon Shape & Smooth Air Styler 5265CU

    Revlon Shape & Smooth Air Styler 5265CU is the perfect styling tool!

    An efficient means of ensuring gorgeous hair, this device benefits from two heat settings and one cool setting for a personalised styling experience. Allowing you to shape, style and create volume, this air styler has three brush attachments for perfect hair every time!

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