Hello and happy 2019 everyone,


I hope everyone had a lovely festive period and is ready to jump on to the makeup and beauty trends of 2019, for all you 90’s babies out there, get ready to see some familiarities!


Now even though I was an early 90s baby *yes I’m getting old* I still remember my favourite stars of the 90s rocking some of these looks, and I for one cannot wait to recreate!


90s look number 1:


Brown lips



Brown Lips  2019



Now in the 90s, brown lips were a MASSIVE trend, think flat brown tones with a darker lip liner at the edges, but for 2019 we will be rocking the warmer brown shades (the darker lip liner on the outside still works with warmer tones).


Maddie North *celebrity makeup artist* has stated “the 90s saw a lot of brown liners (sometimes worn alone) but modern browns have a nice warm undertone, so they’re easier to wear and won’t look dated”.


The warmer browns also won’t wash out paler complexions, so you can rock this look with fake tan or without YAY!


The L’Oreal Paris Color Roche Matte Addiction Lipstick in shade ‘636 Mahogany Studs’ is the perfect neutral everyday shade that will suit all skin tones.


Head to your local Gordons Chemists now and pick up this fabulous shade – it will become a staple in your everyday routine!




Super-Smokey eye



Super Smokey Eye 2019




A little bit less Taylor – a little bit more Kimmy K?


Another 90s trend making a comeback is super-smokey eyes!


NOT a look for the faint hearted and definitely one for someone who wants to make their eyes standout, the 90s saw a lot of grunge looks and 2019 runways will be full of grungy/super-smokey eye looks.


Now if you’re not one for the super black smokey eyes why don’t you try a grungy brown look using the amazing Keilidh X SoSueMe Urban Bible palette?  One side of this palette is grungy/darker matte shades and the other half is full of pops of colour, so no matter which look you want to create – this palette has it all!


Pick it up in selected local Gordons Chemists now!!




Now we are going to step away from the 90s looks and have a look at 2019’s makeup trends:



Natural/Feathered brows




Insta Brows vs Natural




Say goodbye to harsh lines and ‘Insta Brows’


Now a part of me is thinking ‘yaaaay less time sculpting my brows every morning = more time in bed’, but there’s another part of me, the part that LOVES getting glammed up for the weekend who craves an ‘Insta Brow’.  But that’s just me, and I suppose that’s the great thing about trends, YOU can decide whether you want to follow it or not.


So yes I will happily adapt to a more natural brow look during the week and more sculpted look for the weekends/nights out – compromise.


Whether I’m going for a full-on glam brow or a more natural brow there are always two products I reach for, available in your local Gordons Chemists:



-          BPerfect Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit



This brow powder is my saviour when my brows just aren’t doing what they’re supposed too, its quick, easily applied and lasts 24 hours – need I say more?


So I do have my eyebrows tattooed, and when I got them done I thought ‘brilliant no more brow products for me’ which is true to a certain extent.  It definitely does not take me as long to do my brows now but I still reach for this brow powder DAILY!


If you want a natural look take a small bit of the powder dry and gently apply along the brow hairs.


If ‘Insta Brows’ are what you’re after, then simply take an angled brush (we have some available in store) wet the brush slightly, this will allow you to get an ultra-fine and sharp line! Start with the bottom brow line then gently buff it up into the middle of the brow – then repeat this with the top line of the brow, and don’t forget the gentle brow stroke at the front of the brow – this helps to avoid the squared off brow look!



-          L’Oreal Paris Brow Artiste Plumper



Volumise and intensify your eyebrows in one, easy step!


The ultra-precise mini brush allows you to define your brows in very little time for that ‘au naturale’ look.


Use this plumper alone for a very natural but still defined brow or use it on top of the BPerfect eyebrow powder to added definition, tame those stray hairs and lock them in place all day!


Available in two shades: 02 light/medium & 04 medium/dark 




Standout pouts


Now if you’re not a fan of the brown trend and prefer a pop of colour, fear not! The Standout Pout trend is set to stay for early 2019!


A colourful pout is a quick and stylish way to glam up a ‘bare-faced’ look! It can easily transition you from a daily natural look to a happy hour/after work dinner chic.


If RED is your shade –


The Ellie Kelly x BPerfect Born Ready Lip Kit in shade CHEEKY is the one for you!




  • 1x Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencil
  • 1x Satin Finish Lipstick
  • 1x Highlighter Gold Infused Lipgloss



 Ellie Kelly Lip Kit Cheeky




If PINK is more your vibe:


Create a fuller pout in seconds

Why not try the new Lip Quads from the fabulous Aimee Connolly.

This fabulous innovative product allows you to use FOUR different pink shades, you can find the right shade for you!!


I am obsessed with these lip quads, OBSESSED!! If you don’t have one I seriously recommend you head to selected Gordons Chemists stores now and pick one up!


If you’re looking to rock the pink look this is the item for you, pair any of these beautiful shades with the gorgeous L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Satin Lipstick in shade Rose Tendre 303 and you’re on to a standout pout winner! 








If you want to step out of the box and rock a BLACKENED PLUM colour then:


Pick up the amazing Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid in shade Escapist 45


This dark little number is sure to get you noticed!


The oxblood brown is very dark, verging on black, but if Kylie Jenner has taught us anything it’s that these ‘unusual/scary’ shades are grungy but beautiful!


Step out of your comfort zone and pick up this intensely beautiful shade




Kylie Jenner




Last but not least:


Futuristic Liner


“Not since the sixties has there been this much creative freedom on the eyes and you can expect to see a lot of liner versatility in 2019” Celebrity MUA Mary Irwin.


Unleash your creativity with the BPerfect X Stacie Marie Carnival Palette, take a small/thin brush, wet it and use any of the highly pigmented shades to create an eyeliner effect.  This is another one of my personal favourite eyeshadow palettes, it literally has EVERYTHING you could ever want in a palette!




Futuristic Liner




Now you all know what the trends are going to be, head to your local Gordons Chemists, pick up your tools and get your glam on – PS if you create any of these looks using our products give us a wee tag.


Thanks for reading (if anyone did)


Nicole x