Eyeshadow is one of my favourite ways to get creative, and eyeshadow palettes are definitely not lacking in my makeup collection

 *I seriously need to stop*

However, after seeing the NEW Fuschia Make-Up Paradise Palette launch I knew I was ready to introduce yet another palette to my never-ending kit.  



Before diving in to my thoughts on this palette I just want to say a MASSIVE congratulations to the ladies at Fuschia Make-Up, the buzz on this palette is crazy, every blogger I follow seems to be just as excited as I am to try the fabulous Paradise Palette :)



If, like me, you are obsessed with the latest makeup trends then you'll know that ‘Sunset Eyes’ are the IT look at the minute! This means, yellow, orange and red shades are an absolute necessity when it comes to creating the perfect ‘on trend’ eye look, and luckily for us, this beautiful palette has ALL THREE. (and more)




So let’s get down to business, I’m going to be honest here and say, there are three things that can instantly turn me off an eyeshadow palette;  colour intensity, fall out and blend-ability… BUT there is nothing to worry aout when it comes to the Paradise Palette. As you can see from my swatch below, these shades are super pigmented and so creamy.







 *Side Note*


Is it just me that buys a palette and then weeks later realise that you only really use two/three shades?


WELL, this is another reason why this palette is a must have, each of the 7 shades are 100% wearable and can create endless, varied eye looks.







^^Check out this babe making her eyes POP with The Fuschia Paradise Palette ^^


If, like me you have blue eyes, and you get stuck in with the red/orange/yellow colours, prepare to see your eye colour POP (I’m obsessed with these colours and love to create a blend of all three).


BUT don’t worry all you green or brown-eyed beauties this palette is SO versatile that it will ignite a gorgeous colour/tone in your eyes that you never knew existed. 



*Another Side Note* 

There is something magical about using these shades and creating sunset eyes, it might be just me, but I swear I think every eye colour just comes to life under the red/orangey tones.  


TopTip – one of my top tips when using the orange/red colours is to ensure you layer on the mascara to avoid the ‘sore/tired eye effect’ or better yet, break out that liquid eyeliner or smodgey kohl pencil and turn on the glamor! (why not stick a pair of lashes on to increase the drama *that is what i did below*)


As a self-confessed make-up junkie (I should honestly be ashamed by the amount of makeup I have spilling out of my drawers – but I’m not *sassy girl emoji*) the Paradise Palette has found a home in my top drawer of palettes for the foreseeable future.


So i'm slightly cringing at putting the below photos up, but i thought 'why not give this gorgeous palette a try and see if i can do the sunset eye look justice* please be nice haha. (it's been a while from my makeup counter and course days)



Fuschia Paradise Palette




Embrace the up close and personal Nicole ...



 Fuschia Paradise Palette  


For only £24.75, how could you not want this palette?


Think of all the variations of sunset eyes (among others) you could create with this palette *heart eyes*


So get yourselves to selected Gordons Chemists stores immediately and give the sunset eye a try....

if you do, why not tag us so we can check out your amazing work. :) 


I’m off to play with those shades again

Nicole x