leum Vera are dedicated to freshening up your beauty routine and letting you create a face mask for yourself!


These oh-so-easy DIY face masks are filled with organic and natural ingredients (better for your skin and the earth)


With FOUR to choose from:

 - Detox

 - Acne

 - Wake-up

 - Anti-ageing


 There is one for every skin need! 




Oleum Vera




Each kit contains an assortment of plant-based oils, essential oils, powdered clays, flower petals and dried algae. Therefore you can completely customise each mask [if your skin is dry one day – you simply add more of a certain ingredient- visa versa!].


You are literally creating your own face mask! How exciting!


Ps - each capsule has two ingredients with enough to make three masks. That means with each pack you get SIX masks!


So as soon as I heard about this fabulous range I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it (I know some of you may be thinking “why would I create my own, when I can just use a ready-made one?” well my question to you is, “why wouldn’t you want to experiment and make yourself a bespoke face mask?”




oleum vera




I tried the Acne mask first:


The Deep Cleansing Mask capsule includes white kaolin clay and calendula petals.


Step one: I started by taking 1.5 tea spoonful of calendula in 2 tsp hot water.


Step two: Combine 0.5tsp of the mixture with 1.5 tsp kaolin clay and mix well (this will create a paste – which is easily applied to the face)


Step three: Apply for 10 minutes and rinse (I applied the mixture with a pointed foundation brush as this allows the product to absorb into the skin easily without getting your hands dirty.)


Once I washed off the deep cleansing mask my skin felt clean but a little tight so I then proceeded with the skin balancing mask – I’m aware the image shows that you only apply this mask to your t-zone… but I went all out and put it all over my face.


The Skin Balancing Mask contains more white kaolin clay and capsules full of Tamanu oil!


Step one: mix 1.5 tsp Kaolin Clay with 0.5 water (this again creates a white/grey paste)


Step two: add contents of 1 capsule Tamanu oil and mix well (I had to get a knife in order to break open the capsule *don’t try this at home* I’d advise you to just use scissors but once opened simply allow the green contents to drip into the mixture)


Step three: Apply for 10 minutes and rinse (again I applied this mask with a foundation brush and let it sink it – this mask didn’t feel tight but it felt very nourishing)





Oleum Vera




After using both of these masks my skin felt amazing and I’m not going to lie, but I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with these masks and I cannot wait to use the anti-aging one now!


I cannot recommend these masks enough, so why not pop into your local Gordons Chemists and choose which mask suits your skin and get mixing!


 Nicole x