Hands up if you’re sick of scrubbing your skin red raw every week to shift those stubborn patchy tan stained areas?

*Raises hand and looks around*


I’m sure you’ve heard of a certain ‘sandy’ Tan eraser, that everyone got very excited about (guilty!)… Well the geniuses at Iconic Bronze have released their own Self Tan Eraser and you will NOT be disappointed!


So before I dive right in with my experience (which is a positive one) lets discuss the product itself…


As the name explains it is a Self-Tan Eraser and it claims to remove your fake tan, without ANY exfoliation in just 5-10 minutes.  Now I have been lucky enough to try quite a few different self-tanning formulas and the one thing that ALWAYS annoys me is the fact that it takes two/three scrubbing sessions and very red skin to shift those dodgy bits. But not anymore...


Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser is fast acting, tough on tan but gentle on skin, so I was super excited to slap on as much tan as possible, leave it on for a few days and put this eraser to the test.




Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser



Wave goodbye to tanning disasters and over-exfoliation 




TopTip – Be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly before use


The Tan Eraser comes out as a white foam, with a light, fresh, sun-creamy fragrance that will make you dream of holidays!

(Unlike its rival that smells a little chemically- unintentional shade there ;))







Step by step...



Apply the foam generously to dry skin and work into a lather – no need to use a tanning mitt for this.

Pay particular attention to the knees, ankles and hands which can be dry!



Leave the product to soak into the skin for 5-10 minutes

(I set a timer for 10 minutes and took the time to have a wee Instagram session)  



After the 10 minutes I hopped into the shower and grabbed my trusty Glove Your Body Exfoliating Glove and gently rubbed my skin (no intense scrubbing needed) I used the glove gently and watched as the water turned a lovely brown colour and my once patchy tan melted off my skin!



As I said you need to pay attention to the knees, ankles, and hands etc. as in these areas you might have to apply a little bit of scrubbing pressure – but everywhere else – the tan literally melted off!



GAME-CHANGER – it actually works!!



Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser






TopTip – If you, like me, have tan build up in certain areas from years of tanning and not exfoliating properly, I would suggest you use a little more of the product and leave it on a little longer than 10 minutes! But always be careful if exceeding the suggested time!



The unique moisturising formula leaves the skin free from tan, but also feeling silky smooth and moisturised – ready for a fresh and flawless layer of your favourite tan 



BONUS – This Tan Eraser can be used on ANY brand or formula of self-tan – so the choice is yours!



So now you have read my experience, you are bound to be eager to shift that stubborn tan in RECORD time and with ease!


Purchase the Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser in your local Gordons Chemists or online here!


Thank you Iconic Bronze for creating a super easy way to have a flawless tan all year round!!


Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser



Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser