Most people will know the pain and effort it takes to scoop your hair back in a bobble, to keep it away from your face. Then when you release your hair you see that dreaded “kink” that messes up your entire hair style.  This innovative Invisibobble will leave no kink or indent in your hair and is extremely kind to hair, helping to avoid split ends. 






The theory behind the Invisibobble is that they have created a “traceless hair ring” which will not leave a mark in your hair.  The lightweight material is also very gentle on the hair and can help to avoid headaches.  Personally I haven’t had headaches from a hair bobble before, but I have been told that the Invisibobble definitely helps eliminate headaches.  The lack of metal pieces means less stray hairs being trapped and pulled out when removing the bobble.


The Invisibobble comes in a number of different colours and sizes; clear, brown, black, nude and mint. I tried the “clear power”, which was perfect for me as it is for thicker hair and has an extra strong grip. 






When using a normal hair bobble I would struggle to find one that stretches around my hair without snapping or being too loose. I should mention I have a full head of extensions in and the Invisibobble works wonders at not pulling at my bonds, and can stretch fully without being too tight.  I can agree completely with the “powers” promise of extra strong grip, my hair does not budge through the day, even in a high ponytail style. Bonus!


I found that using the Invisibobble stopped my hair being pulled as much when I tie it up at night.  I also do not wake up with a noticeable indent, like I would have using a normal bobble; admittedly there is a slight indent but not enough to noticeably affect my hair style.   


After a few uses the rings can stretch, however if you place the Invisibobble into hot water, it will shrink back to its original size.  You can also wear your Invisibobble as a bracelet, which is more visually appealing than a hair bobble and super lightweight.


Each box contains 3 Invisibobble hair rings, what great value for money! If you want to give this miracle hair product a try.

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