L’Oréal Paris have a new and exciting range called ‘Colorista’, which is a vibrant hair colour range.


The range includes:

-          Colorista 1-Day Spray Hair Colour (7 Shades)

-          Colorista Paint Permanent Hair Colour (11 shades)

-          Colorista Effects Permanent Hair Colour (3 Effects- Balayage, Ombre and Bleach)

-          Colorista Washouts (2-3 Washes) Hair Colour(11 Shades)

-          Colorista Fader Shampoo (which helps remove the colour)



Colorista was created on social media and inspired by global digital influencers and bloggers. this new range is ‘rebellious and cool’ for the person who knows who they are but aren’t afraid to be different. 


The Colorista revolution has been set in motion … are YOU ready to lead the way?




Colorista Range



The Colorista 1 day sprays are spray on hair dyes for instant temporary colour. This spray works on any colour of hair as it has ultra-light micro powders that spray on, stay all day and then are washed out.  


This range is available in 7 different shades:

-          Hot Pink

-          Pastel Blue

-          Mint

-          Pastel Pink

-          Turquoise

-          Grey

-          Lavender


So whatever your mood, you can create the look you want and not have to worry about boredom or wanting another change, because it can be washed out at the end of the day – Bonus!!


TopTip – want a more intense vibrant colour? Simply section your hair and give sections a close up spray for slightly longer. 


The Colorista 1 day sprays




Colorista Paint Permanent Hair Colour Kit is a brush-on permanent hair colour, twisted with touches of metallic, smokey and burgundy tones.


This cream/jelly textured formula give a dramatic vibrant colour and is extremely bendable. This kit comes with a customised brush which is shaped perfectly to provide even, non-streaky colour coverage and precision.


This range is available in 11 shades:

-          Grey

-          Beige Blonde

-          Rose Blonde

-          Marsala

-          Violet

-          Cherry Red

-          Ronze

-          Copper Blonde

-          Bronze

-          Blue Black

-          Mulberry


It is so easy to build coverage and allows you to apply colour where and how you want (full head, undone roots or an ombré colour).


Sculpt your colour your own way!



Colorista Paint Permanent Hair Colour Kit


Colorista Effects Permanent Hair Colour - This range creates the perfect base, you can then follow on with the Colorista washout colour range.


The range includes three effects…

-          Bleach

-          Ombre

-          Balayage


Create one of these amazing effects from the comfort of your own home, and then follow it up with one of the washout colours if you want to design a unique look! Or leave it for an effortlessly luminous new do!


This gentle formula lightens hair, and includes an after-care style conditioning treatment which ensures your hair is nourished after the colour.


The effects packet includes a comb applicator to ensure you get precision application and are happy with your results.


Create the new you!


Colorista Effects Permanent Hair Colour



Colorista Washout 2-3 Wash Hair ColourThe washout range is a semi-permanent hair colour that gradually fades over 2-3 washes.  The means you never need to get bored of your colour and you can constantly switch it up.


This range comes in 11 shades:

-          Washout Peach

-          Washout Pastel Pink

-          Washout Dirty Pink

-          Washout Lilac

-          Washout Purple

-          Washout Indigo

-          Washout Blue

-          Washout Aqua

-          Washout Burgundy

-          Washout Turquoise

-          Washout Red


For Blonde, Ombré or Highlighted hair – note, this will not work on Brunette/Dark hair – but with Colorista Effect (above) it will :)


The kit includes: Developing cream, the hair colour, a conditioner and a leaflet of instructions, in case you’re a DIY newbie.


A semi-permanent colour cushioned in a hair mask base!



Colorista Washout 2-3 Wash Hair Colour




Colorista Fader Shampoo will help speed up the colour fade process so if you make a big decision (say dye your entire hair pink) and decide you would prefer to go a pink ombré? This shampoo is the answer!  


The shampoo has a gentle clarifying formula which helps get rid of the colour, but also leaves you hair perfectly clean with no left over colour residue.


Never get bored of your colour choice again! Who doesn’t want the option of constantly changing your colour?



Colorista Fader Shampoo



So there you have it guys… no excuse for boring hair!!


Pop into your local Gordons Chemists and choose your next hair adventure!


L'Oreal Colorista



L'Oreal Colorista