Who out there is sick of nail varnish chipping constantly, or paying for gel nails every 3-4 weeks and would love an easy, at-home alternative?  A super CUTE alternative inspired by the delicious treats – macarons!


Firstly let’s just check out the size of the LED light, it’s so compact – meaning - you can do your nails just about anywhere (as long as you have access to electricity or a USB point).  Picture doing your nails on the train on the way home, plugged into your laptop in bed or even at your desk, yes really – you can revamp your nails just about anywhere in as little as 15 minutes!


I was lucky enough to try the Cherry red kit, this kit contains everything you need to do your at-home manicure AND everything to take it off again!


This includes:

-          The cutest little LED light in the shape of a macaron

-          A 3-in-1 nail polish, which acts as a base, colour and top coat

-          A nail file

-          A cuticle push back tool

-          A USB cable to plug into your computer

-          An adaptor to plug it into the socket

-          10 x patches to remove the polish



Gel nail Kit



One down side of this set- is you can only do one nail at a time! Which yes, is time consuming, but with only one nail polish acting as a base, colour and top coat you can have a salon worthy manicure in no time at all.  


It is a super easy process, simply apply one coat to each nail (as you would any normal polish) then pop one nail into the Mini Macaron, push the button and wait for the light to turn off. The light will turn off after 30 seconds which is the time needed for the gel to cure and dry into place.


TopTip – personally I would apply 2 coats to ensure a stronger bond to the nail and a more vibrant colour.  This also ensures the manicure will last longer!


As I decided to apply two coats to each nail the process took between 15-20 minutes, however if you are in a rush you could do both hands in 10 minutes with one coat!


This kit even includes the tools to remove your manicure when you want a change or reapply – in the form of removal pads.  To remove simply: apply the wet side of the pad onto the finger nail and secure in place for 10-15 minutes.  This softens the gel which then allows you to buff away the excess gel.  Simple and efficient!


Nail Gel Kit


Final thoughts on this product? 


I would definitely use this mini macaron again, not only for the fact it was quick and easy, but the shades are bang on trend and to be honest I’m sick of my nail polish chipping within the first two days.  Now I’m going to be honest and say don’t expect this to last 3-4 weeks like some acrylic manicures! But it lasts a lot longer than your average manicure and minimises the time spent in the salon.


 I will be checking out the Rose Gold shade next :)


The Mini Macaron gel nail kit is now available in a Gordons Chemists near you or online here!



le mini macaron gel




le mini macaron gel