I was SO excited when I heard about this collaboration. TWO amazing ladies, joining forces to create an all-in-one face palette to enhance skin tone and bring instant magic to every face! *what’s not to love?* 

The Radiant Magic palette includes:


-          1 matte Bronzer

-          1 matte (cool toned) Contour Powder

-          2 Blushers (one coral/orange shimmer & a cool toned pink shimmer)

-          2 Highlights (one gold and one rose gold) *sidenote: I couldn’t wait to try the rose gold*




Rosie X Sosue  




Each and every one of these products blend out so well into the skin, the contour especially blends so nicely, say goodbye to the dreaded dirty/patchy contouring and say hello to beautiful/naturally chiselled cheek bones.


Now on to my favourite shade in the palette (they are all amazing but this just slightly edges it for me) the rose gold highlight!! This shade on top of the pink blusher is just heavenly! If you want a more subtle sheen, simply dust this on the checks and it will give the skin a slight pink and glowy flush.





Radiant magic palette





BONUS* This palette can be used on face and body, contour and highlight your collar bones, highlight the front of your shins, your chest and the top of your shoulders to give that all over body glow!


I was extremely pleased with this palette, and I must mention that a little goes a long way with this palette, if you want a blinding glow then this is for you, and if you would prefer a more natural look then simply pack less product on your brush and build the powders up on your skin to create the desired look.


This palette will definitely be a summer essential in my makeup kit.


Available in selected Gordons Chemists stores and online here: https://www.gordonsdirect.com/sosu-radiant-magic-palette-by-rosie-connolly.html


Now is your time to create some Radiant Magic, thanks for reading.


Nicole x 



 Radiant Magic palette