The ‘Your Picks’ set is all about the makeup artist community. Real Techniques started with the top 5 brushes, and then designed 5 original brush handles based on Sam & Nic’s favourite cities (Buenos Aires, Sydney, Shanghai, Berlin and London).


From there it was up to the fans to choose their favourite design and help create the ultimate, must-have collection.


Real Techniques have developed their very first fan voted brush set, fans voted for their favourite brushes and which design they thought is most eye-catching. This became the limited edition ‘Your Picks- Berlin’ set.




Real Techniques - Your Picks Berlin Set







The Buffing Brush is the ideal brush for applying liquid or powder foundations; buff this into your skin in circular movements for a flawless, full coverage finish.



TopTip – After buffing the foundation into your ski, press the brush into the forehead, chin and each cheek lightly to achieve a smooth finish. 




Your Picks Berlin Set - Buffing Brush






The contour brush can be used for highlighting, concealing and contouring, it is a multi-tasking brush. The rounded tip is the perfect size to apply the exact amount of product needed.



TopTip – When contouring, apply a little product in the hallow of the cheeks (on the outside of your face) then gently blend in towards the mouth.  However do blend in past the pupil of your eye as this will leave the tell-tale brown line.



Your Picks Berlin Set - Contour Brush





The stippling brush is ideal for someone who wants to create a sheer, natural, dewy look with liquid or powder foundation. 



TopTip - For someone who prefers a more full coverage finish you can use this brush to apply a light dusting of blushers, bronzer and highlighter for a healthy natural glow. 



Your Picks Berlin Set - Stippling Brush






This deluxe crease brush is perfect for creating the ultimate eye look.  The curved bristles work great when applying eyeshadow to your socket and help to blend your shadow effortlessly.  You can create a smokey eye, cut crease or many more looks with this brush.



TopTip – You can also use this brush for concealer or setting your concealer with a translucent powder. 



Your Picks Berlin Set - Deluxe Crease Brush






This fluffy brush is essential when applying a flawless pop of colour to your eyelid. As the bristles aren’t closely spaced, this allows you to blend any eyeshadow out – therefore creating the perfect smokey eye. 



Your Picks Berlin Set - Base Shadow Brush




A brush set made for you, by you…