Salter is a well-known scales developer, and has been creating scales for nearly 50 years, helping people to manage their weight with the easy to use scales.  Salter has a new range of electronic pro scales to compete with other ‘smart scales’ recently created by Fit Bit and Apple.  


Step up on this Salter Curve Analyser Pro Scales to find out your weight, followed by your body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and basal metabolic rate (BMR).  The Salter scales give readings of your body composition via bio impedance analysis to give you a more accurate picture of your overall health.


BIA technology emits a tiny electrical impulse which can flow easily through your body to determine fat from lean tissue.  This process starts when your bare feet make contact with stainless steel pads on the platform, however this is completely safe and you will not feel a thing.


When you first step on the Salter Curve Pro Scales you can input your height, age and gender, the instructions include healthy averages to aspire to and explaining how the metrics work. (Please note everybody is different and your body may not exceed these ‘healthy averages’).


The scale allows up to 12 users and has a child and athlete mode for the whole family. To track body changes and understand whether extra weight is a result of increased body fat, retaining water or muscle mass, and compare your BMI to healthy recommended ranges.  BMR is the minimum amount of calories your body needs at resting point, and this ban be used to calculate your total calorific needs.


This scale even connects to your phone via Bluetooth, if you download the Salter Mi Body app (iOS and Android). The only downside to this is if you move the scales you will have to reattach the phone to the scales – this can be a downside if you are cleaning your scales or your floor.  The app can be used to set goals and monitor achievements on the various metrics. You can also include other personal data, such as body measurements, for example waist measurements which can help indicate your health better than your BMI. 


This scale comes with a 15-year guarantee and three AAA batteries.


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Salter Curve Pro Digital Analyser Scales