Following the massive success of the SoSu Complete Contour Palette, Suzanne Jackson has now released a Highlighting Palette!


If you are following SoSueMe on any social media, you will have seen the big reveal and how excited bloggers and makeup enthusiasts worldwide are for this big reveal.  Gordons Chemists are officially stocking this palette in selected stores only – and will be limited availability!  If you want to get your hands on this palette – I suggest you act quickly!!  


The highlighting palette contains 6 highly pigmented and luminous powder highlights in various shades with unique names…


-          Melted gold

-          Moon Sparkle

-          Shooting star

-          Unicorn Dust

-          Peach Smoothie

-          Candy Crush


You can mix these colours, wear them alone, as eyeshadow, blusher – the options with this palette are endless.



SoSu Highlighter kit 



The main areas to highlight are as follows:


-       On the top of the cheekbone

-       Brow bone

-       Tip of the nose (some people prefer not to do this)

-       Cupids bow

-       Some people even highlight above the brow bone


Happy highlighting


SoSu Highlighter kit