Travalo – The must have fragrance holder


Want to take your favourite scent with you, but don’t want to pack a heavy, breakable, glass bottle in your handbag or luggage? Well Gordons Chemists have the perfect fragrance accessory… Travalo!!


Travalo is a stylish, compact fragrance atomiser that you can fill with your favourite scent and use on-the-go!


The device can be refilled in a matter of seconds, using a patented Genie-S refill technology- which means your chosen fragrance will not lose its scent by being exposed to the air.  Each Travalo is equipped with a spray head, which has wide and even coverage. 





All Travalo products are made from aircraft grade aluminium and are suitable for aircraft hand luggage, so instead of taking a heavy 50/100ml bottle of your favourite perfume/aftershave (which if not protected) could smash amongst your clothing and travel essentials.


Gordons Chemists are currently stocking two varieties of Travalo…



The Travalo Classic HD


Like all Travalo, the Classic HD refills in seconds from a standard perfume/aftershave spray bottle. 

The Classic HD also has a window that allows you to see when it is full and how much fragrance you have left in the bottle.


We currently stock-

-          Hot Pink

-          Purple

-          Silver

-          White





The Travalo Milano


The Milano refills in seconds directly from a spray perfume/aftershave bottle, without damaging the scent.

The Milano has a superior, durable and tactile leatherette finish with polished and premium metal parts. The Milano is a heavier, luxury atomizer that is designed to last!


We currently stock –

-          Aqua

-          Black

-          Hot Pink

-          Blue







Travalo Milano and Travalo Classic both hold enough for around sixty five sprays!! If you decide to fill your Travalo with a different fragrance, just clean the device by filling it with water and repeatedly spray and you are good to go.


The Travalo is a perfect gift option for him or for her... or treat yourself this Christmas.