The w7 brand was developed in West London in 2002, and has built and extensive range of high quality beauty and makeup products at affordable prices. 


We have recently sent a haul of beauty items to @makeupaddict19 (Instagram) and below are a few quotes and images used by the Beauty Blogger.  We at Gordons Chemists also had the chance to trial these products and foud some interesting dupes ideas for High End brands. 



w7 Haul

                                                     (Photocred | @Makeupaddict19)



“They have amazing dupes for various high-end brands at an affordable price”




W7 vs Urban Decay

                                                (Photocred | @Makeupaddict19)



The above swatches show the subtle differences between the W7 In The Buff eyeshadow palette and the Urban Decay Naked2 eyeshadow palette. As you can see from the photo there are very little differences between the shades included in each palette, in fact the W7 shadows look to be more pigmented and reflective.


Another advantage of the W7 palette over the Urban Decay is the pricing differences. Urban Decay is currently £38.50 and  W7 In The Buff is £4.99 in your local Gordons Chemists.


The palette is highly pigmented and blends easily to ensure you get the most out of each colour.  




W7 Shape your Face Contour Kit

                                                     (Photocred | @Makeupaddict19)



“It is definitely as good as any of the more expensive contour kits I own which I was pleasantly surprised about.”



Next up is the W7 Shape Your Face contour kit, with sculpting brush (which is incredibly soft and allows you to easily carve out your cheekbones and complete your look).  Once again the products blend very easily into the skin, and are highly pigmented.  Makeup Addict reported this contour palette lasted beautifully on the skin for up to 9 hours. 


The highlight shade is a subtle yellow tone which will help to brighten the under eye areas, cupids bow, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and eyebrow bone.


The ‘Bronze’ colour is a warm tone to give you that healthy summer glow, use this shade on your cheeks, and/or on the edges of your face to create warmth. 


Lastly the ‘contour’ colour is a cool tone shade to hallow your cheekbones and create a slimmer face/nose.  Use the contour colour in the hallows of your cheeks (suck in cheekbones to find the correct area, but do not blend in towards the mouth) edges of your forehead, either side of the bridge of your nose, and along the jawbone.   For a full guide to highlighting and contouring check our step by step guide here.    

W7 Banana Dreams


Banana Dreams Banana powder is perfect for setting under eyes (after concealer is applied), to camouflage dark circles and sure the area will not crease or look cakey (which can age your skin).  The Banana powder absorbs excess oil without leaving skin looking grey, flat and with little colour.


This Banana Powder is a dupe for the famous ‘Ben Nye Banana Powder’, which has celebrity fans such as Kim Kardashian.  So if you want the flawless skin of a Kardashian get your hands on this affordable alternative. 



W7 Primer



“It is like silk when applying to the skin. I would go as far as to say this is my new favourite primer and I will be buying a backup for sure” 




Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer creates a perfect smooth base for foundation, it reminds me a lot of the Smashbox Photo Finish oil-free primer. 


Both primers are to create a flawless base for longer, both are clear gel formulations. Smashbox is slightly thinner consistency,  but both felt similar on the skin and had no noticeable scents. They both smoothed out lines and blurred imperfections, perfect for applying the next layer of foundations, concealers etc. 


The only difference between these two primers is W7s left skin slightly more matte, and for someone who is oily, I preferred W7s finish. 



W7 Photoshoot Foundation


“It lasted on me for 9 hours until I removed it”



The Photoshoot foundation is great for dry skin, as it leaves a radiant dewy finish and blends into the skin smoothly.  Without leaving a heavy cakey finish, this foundation is medium – full coverage. 


Although the packaging is minimal, with the pump application and affordable price, this foundation is a must have drug store purchase. 



W7 Powder Puff



Powder Puff Sponge is great for applying foundation, concealer, contour, highlighters and powders. When applying foundation gels/liquids it is highly recommended to lightly wet the sponge, as this stops the sponge from soaking up the foundation and wasting product. However, when using powder products you can use the sponge wet or dry!


The powder puff is a great dupe for the BeautyBlender sponge product range as they are similar shape and feel – although the W7 sponge is slightly more dense and firm.  Both sponges provide the same ‘airbrushed’ application. 




W7 Mascara



As previously discussed in our Dupe Day blog, the W7 Absolute Lashes is a great dupe for the Benefit They’re Real Mascara, read more here.



W7 Fixing Spray


Lastly is the Fixer Face Spray which is a setting spray, whcih promises to enhance your makeup and make it last longer. This fixing spray is a dupe for Mac Fix Plus spray, as it does not have a strong scent but allows you



“I'm sure you can tell I am really impressed by these products and even though I have such sensitive skin and eyes they did not irritate me at all. “ (@Makeupaddict19)


So if this has encouraged you to try some of the W7 products, pop into your local Gordons Chemists and choose your favourite products. 



W7 Haul