Have you your Christmas list ready? How about the younger members, do you have a little niece or nephew that you need inspiration for...Look no further than Gordons Chemists.


Everyone loves to be cosy and cuddly at Christmas time….this is why I have picked out the Cosy Friends Panda from Aromahome.  This is a microwavable hottie fragranced with Lavendar, providing warmth and comfort with its Lavender aroma.  I have a little niece at home and at only £9.99 for this, it would certainly be something I would have on my list for her, as they are reasonably priced and also I know she would enjoy many cuddles from this adorable little Panda.




The product has the cosy side for the younger members of our families but could also be considered for the older members of your household, anyone would think I am the older child of the office as the little panda has had his home on my desk since it arrived into the warehouse as I do think it is just adorable! 


Inspiration is what we all need for this Christmas time and definitely this Cosy Friend should give you inspiration but hurry….as the cuteness of these cosy friends they will not be sitting around for long!!