Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel meets our in-house tester!


Best to warn you before you read any further - this blog contains a few close-up photographs of a man's feet. Feet that haven't been caringly looked after...  


Feet usually aren't the prettiest part of our body. And - when it comes to men's feet (sorry for the sexist generalisation, but a quick show of hands in the office confirms it) - they're usually better off hidden away. 


This great weather, and summer holidays being just around the corner, means that it's flip-flop season. And that means feet are on show - in all their rough, hard-skinned glory...


We put Baby Foot to the test


A few months ago, we discovered a wonder-treatment for our feet: Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot PeelBaby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel is an innovative foot care product that removes dead skin, to leave your feet feeling incredibly smooth, and as soft as a baby. 


Basically, Baby Foot is a pair of plastic socks (tootsies) that are filled with a treatment. You wear them for an hour, give your feet a wash after, and wait... After a few days, the hard skin on your feet begins to peel - leaving behind soft, new skin and gloriously summer-ready feet. 


The main ingredient of Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel is Fruit Acid (which is gentle, compared with other acids). The fruit acid penetrates the layers of dead skin cells in your feet and breaks down the desmosomes (something which holds the layers of skin together). With this process, your skin is undamaged, but will peel easily away from the fresh layer beneath.   


Sounds good? We definitely thought so when we tried Baby Foot ourselves. However - to really put it to the test (and to do his wife a favour before his flip flops were brought out) we gave it to one of the guys in our office to try... Step forward Peter:


We put Baby Foot to the test


I'm always happy enough to suggest that the people I work with should try out some of the new products we bring in. Like getting Ciara to shave her eyebrows, or getting Ciara to put snail slime on her face... So I couldn't really say no when Baby Foot was thrown my way. All in the name of honest blogging, and creating genuine, believable product reviews. 


I'll be the first to admit that my feet aren't the most attractive of things. There's bits loads of hard skin around my toes, heels and pads. I suppose this made me the ideal candidate to try this out - if it can sort my feet out, it can sort anyone's feet out!

(Here's a slightly NSFW photo of what they were like before I put on Baby Foot.)


We put Baby Foot to the test


So, last Friday while Switzerland were beating Serbia in the World Cup, I tried Baby Foot. It was pretty easy - basically involved putting plastic bags on my feet for an hour. (You're probably meant to sit still during this hour, but the football was on and I wanted a beer to drink while watching the football. Walking about with Baby Foot on feels a bit weird, and a little like ice-skating...)


For a few days, it was as nothing had happened. My feet retained all of their pre-Baby Foot charm. But then...


Not much at first, but then they began to peel. 


We put Baby Foot to the test


I'm now 6 days in, and there's a lot of skin peeling off. It isn't sore, and it isn't uncomfortable. The while-it's-peeling is a bit grim to look at, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they look in another week. 


Update to follow...