CB12 Mouthwash: Proven to Neutralise Bad Breath!

How often have you cupped your hand around your mouth and exhaled, and then sniffed to see how your breath smells? Did last night's dinner have a touch too much garlic in it? Are you self-conscious about bad breath, and worried that it's noticable to others?

Bad breath... it's a cause of concern for all of us. Some of us are affected by bad breath more than others, but, depending on what we've eaten , or when we last brushed our teeth, it's a condition that can affect us all. 

CB12 Mouthwash is a great solution to bad breath - it doesn't just hide it with a minty smell, it works to neutralises the substances and break down the processes that happen in your mouth that cause bad breath! 


CB12 - two great tasting flavours in a mouthwash that's clinically proven to fight the causes of bad breath


CB12 works differently from other mouth washes. Instead of simply rinsing your mouth out with a minty flavoured liquid, it neutralises the substances and processes that cause bad breath by combating the three ‘volatile sulphur compounds’ (VSC) gases that cause bad breath. CB12 features a unique combination of Zinc and Chlorhexidine; the formula targets the ‘VSCs’ from exhaled air and neutralises bad breath. CB12 also contains fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

CB12 Mouth Rinse breaks down these gases that cause that 'distinctive bad breath smell'. It also coats the oral cavity for all-day protection. The result is a better - longer-lasting effect - against bad breath, with 12 hours of instant, safe breath confidence for you.

While other mouth care products may just mask the smell of bad breath, CB12’s unique combination of Zinc acetate and Chlorhexidine diacetate is scientifically proven to eliminate the Volatile Sulphur Compounds that can cause bad breath.


CB12 is a long-lasting mouth rinse. It has been proven in clinical tests to prevent and neutralise bad breath. CB12 is different from other mouthwashes or mouth rinses that claim to give you freedom from bad breath, because it does more than just coat it with a minty flavour.


Scientific studies have proven that CB12 Mouthwash is effective against bad breath - both instantly, and for at least 12 hours.

As well as the unique patented formulation that breaks down the gases in your mouth, CB12 also coats your mouth. It continues to work throughout the day - morning to night. 

In clinical trials, CB12 Mouthwash out-performed 18 leading oral hygiene brands when it comes to neutralising the gases that cause bad breath.

Other products that are available in the oral hygiene section of your local pharmacy or supermarket may kill essential bacteria in the mouth - for healthier teeth or gums. These often only mask the smell of bad breath, by introducing an overpowering minty smell to your mouth.

CB12’s unique patented formulation works to neutralise and prevent the cause of bad breath. It was developed specifically to target bad breath. With CB12 Mouth Rinse, you can enjoy safe breath confidence for 12 hours, starting the second you rinse it in your mouth.


What is Bad Breath?

A common misconception about bad breath is that it originates in the stomach. It almost always originates in the oral cavity - in our mouths.

Bad breath is a fairly common problem that affects men and women of all ages. Bad breath develops when bacteria that occurs naturally in your mouth - on the teeth, gums and tongue - combines with saliva and food in the mouth to start the digestive process.

This bacteria breaks down food particles and proteins, producing unpleasant smelling gases that can cause bad breath. 

Bad breath can be a real problem for some of us - it can cause embarrassment when we're at work, when we're out socialising or when we're meeting new people. It's believed that up to 50% of us experience problems with their breath, but many people are unaware they may have a problem. 

Bad breath can be made worse when we eat strongly flavoured foods, if we smoke, or drink a lot of alcohol. It may also be caused by poor oral hygiene, inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), loosening of the teeth (periodontitis) or dry mouth. Taking certain drugs or medication can have side effects that cause bad breath. Stress can also be a cause. And finally, almost every one of us will wake up with morning breath...

Morning breath - which affects practically everyone - is caused by us producing less saliva during the night, which leads to changes in the bacteria in the mouth. 

Everyone can have, or can  develop bad breath at some point in their lives. Even if we think our breath "isn't too bad", there will still be an element of digestion occuring in our mouths, which leads to the volatile suplhurous gases that we've mentioned above. 

CB12 doesn't kill the bacteria (this is essential for the digestion of food). It targets only the gases that are caused by the process of digestion. 

Good oral hygiene should always be the first defence against bad breath. Twice daily brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist can sometimes be enough to prevent and treat bad breath. Things like mints, gum and mouth wash can also help temporarily, but they may simply mask the smell for short periods of time rather than tackle the cause of bad breath. 

But the cause of bad breath - your mouth working to digest any food that is in it, or the bacteria in your mouth combining with salivia - will affect us all, to one degree or another. Using CB12 Mouthwash gives you the confidence to enjoy 12 hours or more, free from bad breath. 
The cause of bad breath - your mouth working to digest any food that is in it - will affect us all. Using CB12 Mouthwash gives you the confidence to enjoy 12 hours or more, free from bad breath.


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