Do you remember the famous bBold Smart Tanning Mousse that every beauty blogger in Ireland was raving about?


Well, the beauty brand is back with a new product: the bBold Contour Kit!


Yes, you heard it right, CONTOUR.






We’ve all heard about the recent obsession to achieve chiselled cheeks like the ultimate contour queen, Kim Kardashian and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you can now achieve this insider secret through at home contouring kits.


Unfortunately, we aren’t all blessed with defined and chiselled cheekbones like the Victoria’s Secret models and we have to rely on other ways of achieving this look.


Luckily, the contour craze has taken the high street by STORM and we have a number of contour kits to choose from. The latest obsession; the bBold Contour Kit has just been released and ALREADY beauty bloggers in Ireland are ecstatic about it.




FluffyThe brand has also released the bBold Multi-Purpose Brush to coincide with the kit and I have to say, the synthetic bristles are super soft! You can purchase both products from Gordons Chemists.


 As an avid, make-up obsessed fanatic, I was extremely excited about getting my hands on this product. I’m a huge fan of the bBold brand so I had high hopes for this contour kit. Did it live up to my expectations?






The Contour Kit comes with 3 ultra-fine pigmented powders; Contour, Bronze and Highlight. It has everything you need to achieve sculpted and glowing cheeks.


Top tip – once you’ve applied your foundation, set your face with a translucent powder before you begin to contour. It helps to achieve a flawless finish.

Contour - Using small circular motions, this pigment allows you to enhance the natural shadows of your face. Apply this to the hollows of your cheeks, along your temples and along your hairline and jawline.

Bronze – This bronzing powder adds warmth and definition to your face by gradually applying from you ear, along your cheekbone, finishing midst your eye. Apply this to your forehead, temples and under your jawline to achieve the perfect bronzed glow.

Highlight – Another recent beauty trend, applying highlight to your face gives you a dewy finish when you sweep it above your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow.




The pigments blended beautifully and when applied with the bBold Multi-Purpose Make-Up Brush, its super soft, synthetic bristles left me with a precise and defined contour. (I even felt a bit like Kim Kardashian!)   


You can purchase both products on the Gordons Chemists website and for a limited time only; receive the bBold Multi-Purpose Brush FREE when you purchase the bBold Contour Kit.