Summer has arrived and for you lucky lot that are jetting off to hotter climates to get away from the bottle tans, we are jealous! 

For you that are staying home this summer (or taking trips without sun) bBold are here to save the day.


Bbold Smart Mousse




bBold Smart Mousse describes itself as ‘the clever way to tan’ which is so true, as you can apply, shower then develop.  Bonus!



"The tan is quick and easy to apply with a pump dispenser and the mousse spreads evenly on the skin.  It applies with an instant colour, which helps ensure you are streak free and it is evenly applied. Yes you read that correctly, bBold Smart Mousse develops AFTER you shower it off. You can also control how dark you go by showering either 1, 2 or 3 hours after application." - PeachesOG.



The tan is developing as soon as it touches your skin, therefore you can decide when to wash off. 


1 hour = Softly Sunkissed


2 hours = Golden Glow


3 hours = Beautifully Bronzed


(Top tip) – If you (like me) seek a truly dark tan you can leave it to develop overnight, the tan did not stain my sheets or have an overly strong odour – yay! 







Whether you have left the tan on for an hour or overnight, you will be left with a gorgeous natural long-lasting golden glow. 



Pop into your local Gordons Chemists or buy online here



Happy Tanning