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Unfortunately it's getting towards that time of year where I can no longer hide behind my 80 denier Marksies tights in work and my full length leggings in the gym


Having bronzed legs make you feel that little bit better about yourself.  I recently discovered this fabulous tan, Bellamianta, in an Irish pharmacty chain - Gordons Chemists, who then kindly asked me to try it out.  What makes it even better is Bellamianta is based and manufactured here in Ireland!


I have fake tan on all year round, it's something that make me feel good... I've tried and tested most brands and would be a tough, honest critic.  Bellamianta is such a gorgeous deep colour with only one application, see photo below (my actual legs).  I am really, very impressed.


A problem I'm sure fellow gym bunnies like me have is when you go to the gym with streak-free tan, get a sweat on, peel off your gear after a session, it leaves patchy worn off tan on places like under your arms and at your ankles... Not a good look!  


What should be used hand in hand with the tan is the Glove Your Body "Scrub Your Body" and "Facial Cleansing and Exfoliation Mitt" (which is great for that nasty dodgy neck tan we all get sometimes!!).  Before applying the tan, I used this to make my skin smoother and to minimise all those ugly streaks and patches.  When my tan starts to fade I used this to scurb off the older tan and I was able to put a lovely fresh layer onto my now smooth skin!  


Voila.  Sunkissed in Belfast.

Thanks Gordons Chemists for introducing me to this.  I'm a convert!

Girls give it a try and get your pins out! 


Bellamianta and Glove Your Body