Bellamianta “Beautiful Aspirations” is a new brand which is based and manufactured in Ireland.  The range consists of a tanning mitt, tanning lotion and mousse, which claims to have odour neutralising technology.  No more fake tan smell!   The Bellamianta tanning mitt is a double sided, thick luxurious mitt with an insert for your thumb, ensuring a firmer grip and easier application.  Buy the mitt here!


The company have created a brand that is free from:

-          Parabens

-          Harsh Chemicals

-          Genetically modified ingredients

-          Perfume

-          Alcohol

-          Toxic ingredients


Bellamianta Rapid Mousse



Creating a smart hydration system ensures that the tan dries in 60 seconds and the light formula moisturises skin, so no more dreaded snakeskin affect!  The tan promises to be streak free and easy to use, have a ready to wear colour and develops in 2-4 hours.  After trying this tan twice now I can completely agree with the companies claims!  After first applying the tan I noticed the tropical, non-tan smell, however once it begins to develop there is a slight tanning smell. This is noticeably less compared to other tanning products, due to the odour neutralising technology.


The revolutionary light formula and colour guide allows you to decide how dark you want your tan; a light tan develops after 2 hours, medium tan after 3 hours and dark tan after 4+, or allowing it to develop overnight provides a darker tan.   Although you can choose how long you leave the tan to develop, the colour will still be a gorgeous golden olive colour. 


Another claim that I can agree with is that the Bellamianta Rapid Mousse wears off evenly, although I still had the odd patch on my hands after 4-5 days, the tan faded so naturally and was easily scrubbed off when I was ready for another coat.



The mousse comes in an easy pump bottle and the bottle is visually attractive and not too bulky. Popular beauty blogger Suzanne Jackson (Sosueme_ie) has been a fan of this tan since using it during a holiday to Thailand, this is what she had to say about the tan; “One of the best tans I’ve used… I have been searching for my ideal wedding tan and I have finally found it”.


 If you would like to give this new amazing tan a try purchase it here now!



Bellamianta Rapid Mousse