Tanning Thursday’s (and maybe a top up or two in between) are now a common theme amongst most ladies.


We all crave that golden glow and unfortunately for many of us, it doesn’t come natural.  So it begins… our weekly tanning ritual!  Not only does it consist of days of skin prep or the tanning session itself, but it’s the clean up afterwards when usually the bedsheets are left looking like they’ve been through the fields.   


Not anymore!!!!!


The geniuses at Bellamianta have created the WORLD’S 1ST Crystal Clear ‘Rapid’ Self-Tanning Mousse. 


This Crystal Clear Tanning is most definitely a game changer.  We can now achieve a golden, streak free tan without the mess as it has ZERO TRANSFER.


The tan itself dries in 60 seconds, and it has a hydrating formula that is free from harsh chemicals, perfume, alcohol, parabens and silicones.  So not only are we achieving that desired olive skin tone, we can be assured that its kind to our skin.


This all sounds like a dream, almost like it’s too good to be true (pinching myself just to be sure)…but Bellamianta have delivered on their promises!


As that certain brand of paint would say…IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT ITS SAYS ON THE TIN (albeit bottle in this case)


Make sure you grab a bottle the next time you’re in; you won’t be disappointed #gamechanger


On an even better note, Bellamianta will be donating 50 cent from every bottle sold to the Marie Keating Foundation #breastcancerawarenessmonth