Is it just me or does anyone else seriously struggle to create the ‘no makeup, makeup look’?


I always start my daily routine with the best of intentions, ‘let’s keep it minimal today girl’.  Fast forward 10-20 minutes and I look like a wannabe TOWIE extra, (nothing wrong with that look by the way, it is my natural instinct and my go-to look) but think i'd like to give the more natural look a go for a change. *wish me luck with that*



So bear with me and I am going to introduce you to this GAME CHANGER!!!


We all know the amazing Vita Liberata Body Blur right? (If you don’t I suggest you get yourself to your local Gordons Chemists and pick it up immediately). A hydrating makeup for the body – full coverage, blurs imperfections, AND gives the skin the most gorgeous subtle glow. What's not to love?


Body Blur is the world’s first 100% non-toxic skin finisher for all skin tones, and was announced as an award winner of the Allure ‘Best of beauty – Best Bronzer’ category. Body Blur is available online here and in your local Gordons Chemists!



Body Blur




But anyway enough about the Fabulous Body Blur and lets say hello to the brand NEW Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimizer….



Beauty Blur 



First things first, that packaging!! *heart eyes*


The rose gold and dusty pink tones just put me instantly at ease, I knew this product was going to be a keeper. The beautiful dainty tube has a pump distributer, which I find extremely practical as it stops you from wasting product. * I hate wasting products so this is a massive PLUS for me*



The cream has a grey colour when first applied, however after buffing it into the skin it adapts to your skin tone. Once you buff it in you it leaves you with an unbelievable satin finish with foundation-like coverage.






Now as I said, I’ve always wanted the ‘au natural’ look, but somehow have never been able to put down the full-coverage foundation...



The Beauty Blur really surprised me, it actually has great coverage,and it blurred my freckles without completely masking them. The craters under my eyes were not completely covered but I know with a little bit of concealer underneath the Beauty Blur would mask them perfectly without caking and sitting in the creases around my eyes.



I applied the Beauty Blur with a wet beauty blender and it glided on to my skin without blocking or caking in my pores around my nose. I honestly would compare it to the Body Blur when I apply it to my legs, it smooths the skin, blurs imperfections and illuminates the skin. The only difference between Beauty Blur and Body Blur is the texture, Beauty Blur is a thin veil that smooths onto the skin completely undetected.


Pair Beauty Blur with a sweep of powder  - you will have a fresh face all day long … The staying power is GOALS!! 



  Beauty Blur




The Beauty Blur can also be used as a primer underneath makeup to add a sheer glow, coverage and tint without being too thick.  If, (like me) you enjoy a full face of makeup from time-to-time *Most days* then this is the perfect addition for your makeup bag. 



Just look at that Before and After *heart eyes*



 Beauty Blur



Used along for that ‘No makeup, makeup look’ – TICK


Used under makeup as a primer for full coverage dramatic look – TICK


What more could we want?


So I’m off to my local Gordons Chemists to stock up before this little beauty sells out, see you guys there *Thank me later*

Or purchase online here!!