We all know I’m a self-confessed BPerfect fanatic, so when I heard that Gordons Chemists were stocking more of their products – I kind of wanted to scream in the face of my colleagues (I decided against this as the office is pretty quiet most of the time and I didn’t want to alarm anyone)


Anyway, a few months ago I reviewed their LMD Master Eyeshadow palette (which you can read here) and I was very impressed. So needless to say, when I got the chance to try and review their BPrepared Conceal and Highlighter pen - I was indeed, prepared. I was armed with my blending sponge, my concealer brush and a large glass of wine. Bring. It. On.



The first thing I noticed about the concealer was the hefty price tag - £16.99, bear in mind, I’m used to spending £4 on a concealer.  I’m that type of girl who thinks about what I could buy with that £16.99 (a large Domino’s pizza with stuffed crusts) but I decided to dodge the pizza for once all in the name of finding out if this concealer is worth it.


If it is, you owe me a pizza. I’ve done this for you, after all.


The packaging of this product is similar to all of the BPerfect products – modern, sleek and luxurious. It’s not like your standard concealer applicator either… There is a twist action at the bottom of the pen to control the flow of product to the brush applicator, which I am a big fan of, by the way.



 Yes I did actually spend 15 minutes making that on Photoshop. I’m sorry.


The brush makes it very easy to apply the product to the face and is surprisingly, non-streaky. I would compare the actual component to the much loved, expensive YSL Touche Éclat Illuminating Concealer Pen. The only difference is the colour!


I’m a massive fan of trying to find cheaper alternatives to higher end cosmetics, so now that I’ve discovered that the component of the BPerfect concealer is very similar to a designer brand, I had my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that the formula would be a dupe too.



Low and behold, it had a super-pigmented, creamy-but-with-staying-power consistency. The brush applicator allowed it to glide smoothly on my skin and worked wonders for my dark circles. You don’t need to use a lot of this product either, its full coverage yet doesn’t look cakey, it’s a ‘your-skin-but-better’ type of consistency (I’m always game for that.)



As well as using this to highlight my under eyes, I applied this to my eyelids to double up as an eyeshadow primer. Massive thumbs up from me. The brush applicator was easy to use to carve out my brows and the creamy consistency meant that it was a dream to blend out with my beauty blender. I set this with a loose powder and went in with my BPerfect LMD Master Eyeshadow Palette (obvs) and the shadows blended perfectly with the concealer underneath. Who doesn’t love multi-purpose makeup?! (Especially if it means you can save a couple of pound to spend on the more important things in life – go on; add those Domino’s cookies to my order there)



It’s safe to say that I’m in love with this concealer. BPerfect have done it again with this formula and I’m not surprised. Their 10 Second Tan is one of my absolute favourite tanning products and I’m delighted that I get to add this concealer to the shrine of BPerfect products I have in my room (not in a creepy way, more of a ‘I’m-obsessed-with-everything-you-produce’ kind of way.)


You can purchase the BPerfect BPrepared Conceal & Highlight in Gordons Chemists stores or online here.


By the way… Stuffed Crust Texas BBQ with extra mushrooms xxx