We're supporting Action Cancer this #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

On Friday 21st October 2016, at Gordons Chemists across Northern Ireland, we're showing our support for local cancer charity Action Cancer by holding our annual Breast Action Day!


In our pharmacies and head office, we'll be dressing in pink, eating pink cupcakes, blowing up pink balloons, hanging up pink ribbons, and doing our very best to support our chosen Cancer charity.


We're trying to do 2 things for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:


1) Make YOU more aware of Breast Cancer.


Around 300 women in Northern Ireland die from the disease every year. With early detection, that figure can be reduced. We want you to be more breast aware - which means understanding what the symptoms of breast cancer are, regularly checking yourself, and knowing your own body and being able to note any changes to it. Please click here to view some further information about checking yourself. 


Breast Aware


Alongside that, we want to make YOU aware of Action Cancer's FREE Breast Screening service, which they offer to women in NI who aren't eligible for this from the NHS (make YOUR appointment for a free screening here: www.actioncancer.org/Appointments)   


Action Cancer Breast Screening Appointment


2) Fund raise for Action Cancer


Secondly, we're trying to raise as much money as we possibly can for Action Cancer. Every single penny that YOU donate will be given to Action Cancer. And every single penny that they receive will go directly towards beating cancer in Northern Ireland. 


A Breast Screening - while it's completely free to eligible women - costs Action Cancer around £80. Given that they screen around 1,000 women every month - the costs of running such a service quickly add up. 


Action Cancer - on top of their free Breast Screening service - also offer healthchecks to men and women across Northern Ireland. Again, these are free to you, but there's a cost involved in providing these. 


They also offer various support services for people diagnosed with cancer, and their families and friends. 


Our Support of Action Cancer


We're extremely proud to be a supporter of Action Cancer. We believe strongly that the work that they do - for the people of Northern Ireland - matters.


We appreciate the huge costs involved in providing the services that they offer, and as part of our support of the charity we work extremely hard to fundraise on their behalf. 


On top of that, we promote the message that they want to spread across Northern Ireland - that women here need to be more breast aware. We need to know our breasts, we need to know what to look for, and we need to self-check regularly. 




Why do Gordons Chemists support Action Cancer? It's a question we're often asked.


The simple answer is that we're passionate about working for the neighbourhoods & communities that we serve.


Supporting Action Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an important part of how we strive to leave a positive footprint, and give something back to YOU.


Some statistics show that as many as one in two of us may be diagnosed with cancer at some stage in our lifetimes. That’s an awful lot of us, and that number doesn’t take into account the family members and friends who suffer alongside the person battling cancer. Most probably - cancer will affect every one of us, in one way or another.


For us at Gordons, those affected by cancer in Northern Ireland live in the neighbourhoods & communities that we serve. Many are our customers and patients. Many are faces that we welcome through our doors; characters that we enjoy a chat with; people that we're proud to know as a friend.


And that's "why".


Supporting Action Cancer, and supporting their efforts to save lives and assist families who live with cancer, gives us the opportunity to give something back.