What would you say if I told you, that you can now remove EVERY SINGLE BIT OF MAKEUP… with just a bit of water and a Face Halo!!


Well if this is something that interests you, keep reading…


"Face Halo works with either cold or warm water. The water loosens your makeup allowing the HaloTech fiber strands (which are 100 times finer than a human hair) to reach deep into your pores to remove and trap makeup, giving your skin a healthy and invigorating clean in half the time" - if this hasn't peaked your interest, i don't know what will... 


First, I’m going to start this blog with an admission…

I was a BIG make up wipe fan – ‘quick and easy’ was always a priority for me when it came to dissolving my mask after a long day.


Therefore, I have tried every single muslin cloth/makeup eraser/sheet thing on the market, that swears to take makeup off with ease and NONE of them even slightly compare to the Face Halo.


Now I know I’m probably going to come across too eager over the Face Halo throughout this entire blog, but that is simply because I am truly obsessed with this product.  I first discovered the brand on Instagram and saw the beautiful Chloe Morello doing an ad for it and thought ‘if it’s good enough for Chloe it’s definitely worth a try’. 


 Face Halo



So I first purchased the Face Halo from a UK online brand (which I won’t mention, because hello, Gordons Chemists stock it *does little dance*) on January 18th 2018 (yes I checked my emails) and since then If I’m leaving the house for even one night, it is a packing essential


My first packet has been with me through thick and thin, has travelled to Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Florida, London and Spain with me (yes I had a great summer, thanks- keep up with my adventures on my insta if you wish @nicolegordon7  *shameless self-plug*.  Anyway…



   Face Halo



They are still in PERFECT condition by the way- 10 months on!! 


I even ended up giving one of my beloved Face Halos to the friend (I was travelling with) because when she saw me using one, and how easy it was for me to remove my makeup without countless products, she had to try – you’re welcome Olivia. *the weight I saved by leaving behind cleansers and toners etc. was amazing by the way– more shopping!* 


SO… enough about why I think the Face Halo is a must have and let’s get down to the nitty gritty…


The Face Halo is a small disc-shaped, eco-friendly, microfiber sponge that claims to remove ALL makeup using just water. As I previously mentioned Aussie beauty blogger sensation and all around girl goals, Chloe Morello has created such a massive buzz with this product.


Another admission, although I love Chloe Morello, I must admit I was still sceptical when I first purchased the Face Halo, how can one small sponge remove every bit of makeup right?


When I opened the packaging and three small white disc shaped Face Halos fell out, I’ll admit I was intrigued, They are small, white and kind of fluffy, but not too fluffy, it basically felt like I was rubbing my face on my dogs fur, after a trip to the groomers – heavenly!


 Face Halo




So armed with a face full of makeup, my Face Halo and running water I dove straight in… Its super soft texture doesn’t drag my skin or feel tough on my sensitive areas, it honestly just felt so gentle. I started gently buffing the Face Halo in circular motions, and watched as the the pad turned an organey/brown colour *very satisfying seeing just how much makeup I had caked on*.


The super soft fibres absorb the makeup easily and hold on to it, to make sure my face was completely clean and all of the makeup was gone! I washed out the sponge and used the clean side to once again rub my face – there was NOTHING coming off!


My face was completely clean, I even felt as though it had gently buffed my skin and left a glow – though this could have been just because my pores where cleaned thoroughly.


Now the only slight downside is removing eye makeup, as the pad is slightly thick and round it can be difficult to get into the crevices around the eyes, so I simply folded the pad over and wipe my eyes gently.


TopTip – wet the sponge and hold it over one eye for a few seconds then gently rub your eye – this helps melt away the vibrant eyeshadows.


Once you are finished simply rub a little soap into the Face Halo, rinse and repeat - that will remove most of the makeup build-up. I tend to wash my Face Halo after one use with soap, use it the following evening, then pop it in the washing machine.  The Face Halo guide states that you can machine wash these little beauties up to 200 times.


Final Verdict: The Face Halo will continue to come everywhere with me – holidays, sleep overs, I even popped one in my gym bag to fully remove makeup before a work out.


I’ve rambled on enough, time to try this amazing product for yourselves, and head to selected Gordons Chemists stores today and say goodbye to spending a fortune on makeup remover products and say hello to THREE Face Halos for only £18!




Face Halo Face Halo