Introducing a range of shampoos, conditioners, and body washes for babies and young kids - Childs Farm.


Childs Farm is Paediatrician Approved, and suitable for Sensitive & Eczema prone skin


I first was made aware of the Childs Farm range when my wife arrived home with a couple of bottles of it for our 4 year old daughter. 


Introducing Childs Farm shampoos, conditioners and bath stuff for kids!


My first impressions were positive - big bold letters emblazzoned across the front of each box tell you that paediatricans (doctors who specialise in children's health - I had to Google this to be 100% sure...) and dermatologists (again, thanks Google) have approved the range, and that it's suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Good good good - while our daughter doesn't have particularly sensitive skin, nor eczema, it's reassuring to know that what we're washing her hair in and bathing her in won't be damaging to her skin at all.


The design of the bottles (their labels mainly) are great - the illustrations are very kid-friendly and I was a little bit surprised to notice amidst the animation/drawing, a proper photograph of a kid's face. This takes branding of children's toiletries to a whole new level. 


The stuff inside the bottles smells incredible, and again I was reassured by reading the back of the bottle that what's inside is made from (more than!) 98% naturally derived ingredients. It isn't chemicals or additives giving the Childs Farm range its wonderful scent - it's natural goodness, just bursting to get out.


I had one minor gripe - the grammar geek in me couldn't look past the 'missing' apostrophe in 'Childs Farm'. I've since visited their website, learned that all is in order and that this isn't actually a mistake, and I'm now able to move forwards with my life... 


Introducing Childs Farm shampoos, conditioners and bath stuff for kids!


I've noticed since using the shampoo when bathing our daughter that:


1) she has stopped complaining about having her hair washed (for her, acquiescence can typically be viewed as huge praise);

2) her hair is incredible easy to comb afterwards. (I'm also advised by my wife that it's softer and shinier, compared to when she was using another shampoo, but she refused to write this review for me...)


So, in my experience, the Childs Farm range is great!

[internal monologue: I've not really sold this to our readers, have I?]


I realise that so far, I haven't really given the Childs Farm range a ringing endorsement. Yes, in my experience it seems like a wonderful collection of products - kind on children's skin, beautifully scented, wonderfully packaged. As a dad with a 4 year old daughter, I'm a big fan of the range. 


Paediatrican & Dermatologist Approved


We're fortunate that our daughter doesn't really have any issues with her skin - if she did I'd definitely be a lot more au fait with the world of children's toiletries. And if she did have a problem in this area, I would definitely be using Childs Farm on her. From what I've seen and looked at online (both on the Childs Farm website, and on personal blogs), it really does tick the required boxes in this regards.  


The range certainly is a bit more expensive than other stuff for kids that's on the market. When we're considering our children's hair and skin though, it's safe to say that many of us will feel that spending a few extra pounds is more than worth it. Personally, I am firmly in that camp. I'll gladly keep this on our bathroom shelf and continue to purchase it - because I'm confident that it's a great product. Principally, I can be confident that it's kind to young, sensitive skin. 


It's made almost entirely from natural ingredients. There are no artifical colours included. It's free from parabens, SLSs and mineral oils (I'm not going to pretend that this means anything to me...). When a range gets a thumbs up from experts in children's health AND experts in skin, I'm certainly satisfied. 


In an effort to say more about the range, I've looked to a few other bloggers who've reviewed it:




"I’m a huge fan of Childs Farm products, they literally healed Nirvana's Acute Eczema overnight and I will be forever grateful to them for that!! 


"Of course when the baby moisturiser worked its magic on Nirvana's sensitive skin I went out and stocked up on a variety of their products, including the bubble bath, nappy cream, baby wash and sun cream for our holiday coming up and of course more of the moisturiser. I was not disappointed and can honestly say I will never use another brand of baby toiletries again! I’m very conscientious about what my girls eat in order to keep them healthy and I feel exactly the same way about their skin, I want to use the best and natural products and Childs Farm deliver exactly that!


"The most recent products from the range I added to our collection was the shampoo and conditioner, Mila has wild curly hair that even my Tangle Teaser struggles to get through some days but these incredible smelling (Strawberry and Organic Mint) products not only with their super quirky packaging were cute enough to make a very stubborn three year old let me wash her hair, but also made it soft enough for there to be no tears when brushing!!!! *WINNING!*


"Nirvanas hair has started to form little ringlets so i know she is going to be a curly head too so this item will be a permanent fixture in our bathroom.


"Yes I have absolutely used it on my own hair and I’m a bit of a shampoo snob but I can confirm its Mummy approved and left my hair feeling amazing! THE. SMELL. THOUGH!! "


Childs Farm shampoos, conditioners and body washes are perfect for sensitive, or eczema prone skin

This text and image can be found on the Mama2Girls blog at:


My Little BABOG


Note - I really like this blog because the writer has personal, first-hand experience in living with a child's eczema (a fairly severe case, going by her opening paragraph. For me, this gives what she says about the range a lot of weight:


"The most appealing thing about the Childs Farm products is the ingredients. There is 98% naturally derived ingredients, organic essential oils and it’s free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colourings.


"I’m a HUGE Childs Farm fan now and I would highly recommend their products whether your children have sensitive skin or not. It’s a fab affordable organic range with no hidden nasties and it smells amazing too. Our bathroom is now fully stocked with the range."




This text and image can be found on the My Little BABOG blog at:


So, there you have it. 


I think the range is great, but (perhaps more importantly) two mummy-bloggers (one of whom has real experience in kid's sensitive, eczema-prone skin) really rate this range as well. Definitely worth trying if you've a child with sensitive skin, or - like myself - you just want to use a product that's better than "OK, it'll do..." 


Childs Farm is available in-store & online now: Click here to view the Childs Farm range of shampoo, body/bath wash, and moisturiser.