If there is one thing every makeup enthusiast needs in their kit is a good set of makeup brushes, well Ciara Daly have got you covered!  A good set of brushes is an investment, they will last forever- provided you take of them!  The new and exciting launch of Ciara Daily brushes can be purchased in most Gordons Chemists stores and here.


Firstly as you can see from the packaging these are very professional brushes, the boxes are bright, clean and very eye catching.  Each of the brush sets have their own name, purpose and colour (which will be discussed below).  Inside every box there are guideline sheets with application tips and how to guides. 


Ciara Daly Brush Range



Ciara Daly studio kindly offered training to many of our sales assistants to show them how best to use her brushes. Below are a few tips and tricks that we couldn’t wait to share:



The Hero BrushThe ultimate brush for applying foundation (bright pink dot)


There are many shapes, sizes and textures of foundation brushes, however the Hero Brush is genuinely one of the best I have tried.  The kabuki style of this brush means the flat surface blends your foundation evenly and flawlessly without the cakey look or feel. 


Ciara showed us an application technique by dotting foundation on the face, then, using a circular motion, blend and buff the foundation into the skin.  This buffing technique helps create that ‘airbrushed’ look.  I found the Hero brush much easier than a standard foundation brush as it has cut my ‘getting ready’ time drastically. It also eliminates the streaks and lines you are sometimes left with when using a foundation brush.


Personally I would never touch another foundation brush after using the Hero Brush, why not give it a try



Ciara Daly Hero Brush




Goddess CollectionContour and highlight like a pro – (Peachy/Pink dot)


Get the Kim K Look with this three brush set that makes contouring and highlighting quick and simple

-          Ultimate contouring brush

-          Cheek bone blusher brush

-          Highlighting/blending brush


The ‘rule of three’ is the easiest way to contour, imagine you are drawing a 3 and backwards 3 on each side of your face (along the forehead, down through the temples, under the cheek bones and along the jaw bone). The angled contour brush allows you to complete this look easily and really gets into the hollows of your cheeks.


The Cheek Bone brush is the perfect size to create the ‘slightly flushed’ look that is massively sought after (apply your blusher on the apples of your cheeks and blend towards the ears).


The highlighting/blending brush is so soft that it allows you to apply a subtle amount of highlighter that will catch the light perfectly.



Goddess Collection


Phoenix collection Eyes for any occasion (Blue dot)


Create a smokey eye, cut crease or natural day look with the Phoenix collection

-          Base blending brush

-          Shadow accent brush

-          Socket blending brush

-          Under eye detailer


The base blending brush is to apply and blend your base and transition colours


The shadow accent brush darkens and intensifies your look, use a darker colour for your outer corners or just along your crease – this brush is to apply and slightly blend the colour.


The socket blending brush is for blending that darker pigment to ensure there are no lines between colours and make sure each colour runs into each other evenly.


The under eye detailer is to complete that smokey look by blending the darker eyelid colour under the eye and along the water line.  This again is to intensify the look and create that Kim K smokey eye. 



Phoenix Collection




Diva Brow CollectionCreate the perfect brow look (Orange dot)


2016 is all about a strong brow, the Diva Brow collection helps you create the perfect brow for any occasion. The key is to use your product of choice to define the middle and ends of brows and use any excess product to subtly fill in the front of the brow – creating an ombré effect.


This set include two brushes (one is double sided)

-          Angled eyebrow brush, the other end is a spoolie (for combing eyebrows into shape)

-          Ultra-fine slanted brush (good for eyeliner and brows) 



Diva Brow Collection




Desire Duo CollectionPerfect your pout (Green dot)


Get that Kylie Jenner lip with the help of these defining brushes

-          Flat lip brush

-          Rounded lip brush


Use the rounded lip brush to apply your chosen lipstick to the centre of the lips and gently blend and cover the entire lip.  If you want to create the Kylie Jenner over-lined lip then use this brush and gently go over your cupids bow and bottom lip lines (only in the centre of the lips, as over-lining your entre lip can look overdrawn)


Once you are happy with your lipstick use the Flat lip brush to go in with some concealer and tidy up any smudges or uneven lines around the lips.




If you want to achieve the perfect summer makeup look, give the Ciara Daly range a go, I promise you won’t regret it, buy it here now!


Happy blending!