Summary (to date):


We're delighted for this user, as the photographs he's taken and sent us show a clear improvement in his skin. On a personal note, we're very pleased for this young man. The photos also indicate that (in his case, at least) Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment has been effective in reducing his breakouts. We hope to see continued improvement over the next few weeks. 


The above was a summary we added at the end of 'Part 1'. We were hopeful that - while some big improvement had already been seen in this triallist's skin - that he would further benefit from using Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment. Here's how he got on...


Week 6: 


The swollen lumps that I experienced on my forehead throught the previous week have cleared. I feel my skin is looking much better. 


I’m continuing to use Clearogen twice a day.  I have some dryness around my neck area, but I am using moisturiser on this area. 


Week 6 of Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment trial


Week 8:


The photos below were taken after 8 weeks of using Clearogen. 


I still have an occasional breakout - especially on my forehead (as you can see from the photo) - but I’m confident it will clear up quickly. 


I still have quite a bit of dryness around my chin neck area, but I am continuing to moisturise morning and evening around these dry areas. I’ve just run out of Clearogen Step 2 mid-way through week 7 of my trial, so at the minute I’m just continuing to use step 1 and step 3 until I get another step 2. 


I definitely think that there is a good improvement in how my skin looks, and I'm confident that it will only get better as the red marks and puckers fade.


Week 8 of Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment trial


Week 10:


The photos below show my skin after 10 weeks of the Clearogen trial (the more recent week and a half is without using Step 2 of the three products). 


My skin has broken out in a few more painful, under-the-skin spots than normal, since starting back onto Step 2 - particularly around the chin, jaw line and forehead. It will be interesting to see how quick these clear up. 


The dryness around my jaw and neck area took a while to clear up. I did have to avoid the use of product around that area, and moisturise well both in the morning and evening - with this the dryness has improved greatly. 


Week 10 of Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment trial


Our Summary:


As we said when summarising this user's progress after around 6 weeks of use - we were delighted at the improvement in his skin. We were equally hopeful that he would continue to see some improvement, and we're delighted for him that this is evident. 


In particular - the photographs he's sent us at the end of week 10 show a remarkable change from those he sent us at the beginning of his trial (for example see: Clearogen User Review - Young Male (Part 1)


He's continued to experience some dryness in his skin - to the extent that he's moisturising morning and evening, and on occasions having to restrict applying Clearogen in certain areas. Being able to manage that has - in our opinion - led to Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment making a real difference to the condition of his skin.