My Initial Report - After Week 1:


Here are some photographs comparing my skin before I began using Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment, with one week of use. There's a slight improvement and my skin feels less inflamed, however I have developed a bit of a breakout on my right jaw. 


Clearogen after one week 


After an initial week of using the product, I’ve noticed that my skin is not as oily as it would normally be during the day. I use Clearogen every morning and night; although after a week I’ve noticed that I have more dry skin on my face towards the evening.


Clearogen after one week


I’ve noticed that my face seems less inflamed, and that I have developed a swelling on my right jaw-line. I feel that my skin has improved slightly since I started using the product, however I may need to seek advice if my skin continues to dry out. Despite this, I am still feeling optimistic.


Clearogen after one week


After Week 3:


After three weeks of using Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment I can really notice an improvement in my skin. 


I am still using the product morning and night, and finishing with a moisturiser to keep the dryness under control (just using it in areas prone to dryness). My skin feels much better to touch - before I would have felt lumps underneath my skin around my lower jaw, and these have now disappeared.


As you can see from the picture below, the under skin lumps on my forehead are now coming out, I do expect these to clear up quickly. 


My jaw line is slowly starting to improve, not as red as previously still getting few spots but they are clearing up quite quickly.


Clearogen - skin after 3 weeks of use


Week 4: 


I've now been using Clearogen for approximately one month. I've been advised that I should now be noticing real improvement in my skin, and that over the next 4 weeks I should notice further results. Fingers crossed!


These photos are after four weeks of the trial. I can notice an improvement in my skin around my jawline, although my forehead has developed some larger swollen red spots.


My skin isn’t as dry as it was when initially using Clearogen - if I experience any dryness I moisturise that area. I still have an odd spot on my jawline, and chin area. I also do have some marks and puckers as seen in the photos, which I hope will fade over time.


Progress with using Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment


Week 5: 


Here are some further photos and an update, after week 5 of using Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment.


I still have had an odd spot break out from the previous week, but as I’ve said before these tend to clear up more quickly than before. My forehead has broken out in a few more of the swollen lumps. 


I have a little bit of dryness around my chin, jawline which I just moisturise when I need to.


Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment Trial


Summary (to date):


We're delighted for this user, as the photographs he's taken and sent us show a clear improvement in his skin. On a personal note, we're very pleased for this young man. The photos also indicate that (in his case, at least) Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment has been effective in reducing his breakouts. We hope to see continued improvement over the next few weeks. 


Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment 


As he's commented, he still experiences the occasional spot or breakout, but he's noticed that they tend to clear up more quickly. He's also struggled a little with dry skin, but has been able to manage this with the use of a moisturiser.


Clearogen Anti-Blemish Treatment