"I have suffered with acne all my life, from my first spot at 11 to now (32 years of age). 


In desperation, over the years I've tried probably every product that's on the market, and therefore I was skeptical when I heard about Clearogen. However I thought that - having tried everything that was available to treat my acne - why not give this a try?


Clearogen Trial


Week 1:


Before starting my trial with Clearogen, my skin was probably in the best condition it has been in in a very long time. When I do suffer from a breakout, these usually happen in and around the mouth area, and along the jawline.


For the photographs which you can see below, I've removed my make-up using  my normal make-up remover. These were taken on 26th June 2015.


I have been using Clearogen for a week now.  I am very impressed with how my skin looks, however, my skin does feel very dry.


There has been a noticeable reduction in the ‘redness’ of my spots which I am really delighted with.


Clearogen - our own customers tried the product to see if it really is effective against Acne


Week 2: 


At present, I'm struggling a bit with using Clearogen - but I am persisting with it. My skin is very dry (even my hands which I can only assume is from using my hands to use the product). 


I'm also having a small breakout at the moment which isn’t helping either. However, even though I am having a breakout at the moment, I know that my breakout has reduced significantly from using Clearogen. So while Clearogen is making my skin drier, it is definitely having a positive impact on my acne. 


Week 3:


After experiencing very dry skin last week as a result of using Clearogen, I have changed my routine slightly. I am using the three products in the Clearogen Anti-Blemish pack every evening, but using my normal cleanser in the morning.


I am finding that I am still getting the benefits of the clearogen but without the dryness and soreness. I am still suffering from the effects of my recent breakout but my skin isn’t has been as dry. 


Clearogen Trial by one of our customers


Our Summary:


On the whole, we at Gordons Chemists are delighted to see and read about the improvement in one of our customer's skin - as a result of using Clearogen Anti-Blemist Treatment.


Clearogen isn't a miracle treatment. Overnight, using it won't deliver skin that's 100% free from acne. And, as our trialist has highlighted, it did cause her skin to feel dry. 


However, we're delighted for her - as she's seeing a reduction in her breakouts and is enjoying clearer skin with fewer blemishes.