Clearogen Anti-Blemish Kit


Clearogen is a new and innovative acne and breakout treatment that targets the root-cause of the problem.


Most acne and breakouts treatments focus only on opening your clogged pores and killing bacteria; Clearogen works by addressing the root cause of breakouts: DHT. Blemishes appear on your skin as a result of the negative effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the oil glands. This hormone causes excessive oil production, which obstructs your skin pores - allowing bacterial growth, which causes inflammation, infection and visible blemishes.


Clearogen’s Anti-Blemish Treatment includes a foaming salicylic acid cleanser, claifying toner and anti-blemish lotion which work to reduce DHT production and prevent excess oil production, and block androgen receptors to minimize oil gland stimulation. Additionally, Clearogen helps cleanse your pores and eliminate the blemish-causing bacteria, and reduce irritation and inflammation to allow the skin to fully repair itself.


However – everything described above is the ‘technical’ stuff that Clearogen themselves say. To find out if Clearogen really is effective in treating acne and breakouts, we put it into the hands of our own customers. We asked our customers and social media followers to get in touch with us if they suffered from acne and breakouts, and if they were interested in trialling Clearogen for themselves.


These aren't people who are employed by us, or by Clearogen. They're not professional bloggers, or people who might feel that they have to describe results better than they actually saw. Their reviews and opinions are honest, and are a direct result of them trialling Clearogen for themselves. 


We asked them to keep a diary of sorts, and wherever possible to send us close-up photographs of their skin. Please note - we will not edit/photoshop these images to make their breakouts appear worse or to show better-than-realistic improvement in their skin condition (we will if we feel it necessary crop the image or mask their face, to protect their privacy).


Over the next few weeks we'll be describing what they found and how effective Clearogen was for them, and we'll be posting their thoughts and experiences in our blog. We hope the results speak for themselves! 


Clearogen Anti-Blemish Kit