Being a David Beckham fan all my life may cause some to suggest that I may be slightly biased when reviewing this product!  But honestly, this new fragrance by the great man himself is really rather good.


Simple elegance is the best way I could describe the Beckham range and Aqua Classic is no different. Both the box and the fragrance are an attractive turquoise blue which appealed to me instantly, giving me a good first impression which is crucial in my opinion. (I work in marketing!)




The scent itself is initially very fresh, followed by a wave of citrus notes and finally develops nicely into a woody, masculine scent. A fresh fragrance is something I personally prefer, so for me this is perfect! It isn’t at all sweet or overbearing, making it ideal for daily use. I certainly enjoy wearing it every day into the office!


David Beckham Aqua Classic is a great new entry into the 2016 market and if you are searching for an affordable, daily wearer then look no further!