There has been hype for some time now from our General Manager here at Gordons Chemists, the balm originally known widely in Australia but now made entirely in UK and now on your doorstep at a local Gordons Chemists, the ultimate beauty essential - Dr PawPaw!! 


Needless to say when it arrived at our warehouse I could not wait to try.  It is described as the multipurpose soothing balm and the one cream to sort out all beauty dilemmas!




We currently stock two variants the Original and Peach variants.  I decided to try the peach variant, I am always keen to try new ways to enhance my make-up style and was impressed that the peach variant was for both lips and cheeks and an overall cosmetic finisher.


The peachy, dewy look is all the style at the minute so firstly I tried on my lips and automatically it added a lovely tint to my lips and added moisture.  I then used it as a blusher, using a small drop to sweep over the apples of my cheeks which provided an automatic hint of colour and a lovely defined rosy look.  I then experimented with the balm on my eyes and used it under my eyebrows as a highlighter and it added a lovely tint and glossy look to define my smoky eye look and added definition to the peachy, rosy look that Dr PawPaw provides.


If someone said to me before I was introduced to Dr PawPaw that you could get a 3 in 1 to do lips, cheeks and eyes I would not believe them, but from trying out Dr PawPaw it really does do what it says on the tube.


One cream every girl should have in their make-up bag.  At only £6.95 for a lipbalm, blusher and overall tint it really is a bargain that cannot be missed!!  Go on give Dr PawPaw a try for yourself today!!