So I’m sure we all know how annoying having dry lips can be.  The cold winter months dry them out, and then the warmer summer months do the same, with constant air conditioning and temperature changes.  



Dry lips



So how do we prevent chapped lips and treat them?  Your local Gordons Chemists can help 



First let’s learn WHY our lips are forever drying out…



The skin on your lips is extremely thin and delicate; it lacks the top protective layer which means they become dry very easily. You’ll notice your lips become dry and/or chapped when the temperature drops, when you’ve been subjected to air conditioning or they can even be burnt from too much sun exposure.



Fact - more moisture is lost through your lips than through any other part of your face or body, so it’s no surprise that your lips need extra attention and lots of moisturising. 



Habitual licking your lips is a major contributor – when your lips feel dry, your instant reaction is to lick them, but this continues the cycle of dehydration, because saliva evaporates, making them drier than before.  





Upping your water intake to at least 2-3 litres a day will make sure your body is hydrated, which in turn gives your lips a moisture boost, but sometimes you need a little help from lip exfoliators and balms, too.


So now that we have established a few reasons as to why they are dry, now let’s discover how to prevent it!






If you do not want to spend money on an expensive lip exfoliators simply use your tooth brush and gently rub the toothbrush back and forth – this works as well as any exfoliator.  



TopTip - You can also create your own scrub my mixing brown sugar with honey.  Once you have exfoliated make sure to apply lip balm to soften the lips.  







Choosing your favourite lip balm…



Ideally you should apply lip balm multiple times a day!



I try to keep one on my desk at work, on my bedside table and in my handbag, but that’s just me, as I am extremely forgetful.  If you do not want to buy three lip balms just simply keep one as close to you as possible so you’re not constantly searching.



Gordons Chemists have a wide range of lip balms for you to choose from, here are a few to help you choose….






Eos is a sphere shaped lip balm that is available in a variety of colours and flavours (all delicious)







Vaseline Lip Therapy


Made with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, it locks in the moisture for beautiful healthy lips – also comes in Original, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera and Rosy lips (which is pink tinted). 







Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm


Made with pure cocoa butter, vitamin E and SPF 15, this lip balm will fully protect lips, whilst providing deep hydration.



Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm  

 Now … pop into your local Gordons Chemists store, make your choice! And start the dry lips battle today! 



Dry lips



Goodbye Dry Lips