Dupe Day in Gordons Chemists means we are bringing you a dupe for the well-known Benefit they’re Real mascara .


So if you guys follow any bloggers there has been a lot of talk surrounding this W7 mascara, Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe), recently posted about this mascara being a dupe for Benefits ‘They’re Real’. Benefit often claim that They’re Real is the UK number one mascara – making it a beauty must have, now they have some competition… 


W7 vs benefit

(Photo cred – SoSueMe)



Introducing W7 Absolute Lashes that easily rivals its high end twin…


The W7 formula is very similar to They’re Real, very easy to apply- not to runny and not to dry, however a lot easier to remove (more on that later)



W7 vs Benefit

(Photo Cred- SoSueMe)



As you can see from the above photo the wands are extremely similar – if not identical! Each wand has a spikey tip (which helps get into those inner corner lashes) The bristle on each wand are varied in length and closely placed together – creating a full and defined finish. The packaging is also very similar with its mirrored finish and unique shape (as you can see below).





W7 vs Benefit

(Photo cred: Ninas Beauty Bargain)



One of the biggest flaws of They’re Real formula is that it is very difficult to remove, unless you use the Benefit remover or an oil based remover.  However, with the W7 Absolute Lashes mascara, this can be easily removed by any product – even make up wipes. Bonus!



After trying this mascara, I can honestly say I found the W7 mascara applies like a dream, exactly the same as They’re Real. Similar wands, similar packaging and similar performance… what more could you want? 


Now for the deal breaker – They’re Real retails for £19.50, but Absolute Lashes normally retails for £6.95, however now in Gordons Chemists it is on offer for £2.69. What an offer!


If you are in the market for high quality mascara but for a fraction of the price – pop into your local Gordons Chemists and pick up the W7 Absolute Lashes now! 


(Some of you may also have seen one of our lovely customers discovered this dupe in 2015, with a great review!)



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