Introducing Elvive Fibrology, from L'Oreal Paris! 


Fibrology is an innovation in the battle against Thinning Hair, from Elvive. Fibrology contains a new ingredient that L'Oreal Paris have developed called Filloxane. Filloxane has been developed by studying the principles and technologies involved in repairing a chipped car windscreen! 

Fibrology works differently to other so-called wonder treatments that promise to thicken hair, or add volume - because it works from the inside out; thickening your hair from the inside out.


Filloxane works a bit like the silica gel particles that are injected into chips in car windscreens. It is absorbed into the individual strands and hair fibres while your hair is wet, before expanding - to instantly give you fuller, thicker hair. 

Your hair is made up bundles of thin fibres called the microfibrils, which are locked together to form what's known as the macrofibrils. Filloxane binds itself with the proteins that are found the microfibrils, to bulk these up. Clinical tests show that it makes each hair fibre thicker, and also stronger. 

Around 8 million women in the UK and Ireland are affected by thinning hair - with most (but not all) occurring as a result of ageing or hormonal change. In a study of just over 1000 women, around 1/6th of women aged 30-49 and a quarter of those aged 50-69 experienced thinning hair. As many as 40% of us experience hair that lacks volume, or won't hold its style.

Thinning hair can appear to be limp or lifeless, and it can be difficult to style. The knock-on effect of these changes can be damaging to a woman's confidence and self-esteem - after all, our hair plays a major part in our appearance! 

The amazing thing about Fibrology isn't just that it instantly delivers thicker hair (as amazing as that is!). Over time, Filloxane remains in your hair - for up to as much as 10 washes. It remains in your hair to give you thicker hair with more volume, and, as you use Fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Thickness Booster, you'll notice that results continue to improve over time - wash after wash! 


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