Fake Head & Shoulders Found on Northern Ireland’s High Streets

We’re shocked to learn that fake Head & Shoulders shampoo has been found on Northern Ireland’s high streets. In one particular case, a five year old girl has suffered skin damage to her scalp as a result of using a shampoo that contained “potentially dangerous chemicals”. After a year of treatment and medication she still suffers symptoms – a result of using this counterfeit shampoo on just two occasions.


And it’s not just one single incident. Thousands of bottles containing counterfeit shampoo were seized by Trading Standards in Northern Ireland, meaning that thousands of families here were placed at risk. The products had been packaged in bottles that looked exactly like the real thing. 


A spokesman for Trading Standards in Northern Ireland commented: "Fake goods will not be subject to the same stringent safety tests as legitimate brands. Counterfeit shampoo has been known to cause serious rashes, allergic reactions and in more serious cases even cause burning to the skin.” 


Head & Shoulders is a product that’s been trusted for more than 50 years, and to learn that a dangerous counterfeit has been found in Northern Ireland is something that will alarm the consumer. 


A further concern for the consumer in Northern Ireland is the number of other products that may be counterfeit. From luxury perfumes and skincare products, right down to a simple tube of toothpaste – counterfeit goods are in circulation. They’re packaged to look exactly like the product they’re imitating. 


In many cases, the perfume you buy may smell similar, but the scent won’t last nearly as long. It may also irritate your skin. If it’s a cream, it certainly won’t give you the moisturising or anti-wrinkle benefits that a genuine product will. If it’s a shower gel, a shampoo or gel for your hair it can cause lasting damage to your skin, hair and scalp.


The Head & Shoulders You’ll Find on Our Shelves


Head & Shoulders is a product that we’re proud to sell, and we know that for many of our customers it’s a product that they depend on. It’s more than just a shampoo – for many it’s a product that they rely on daily, to manage dandruff and other skin conditions on their scalp.


Head & Shoulders is owned by Procter & Gamble. As well as Head & Shoulders, P&G also produce a wide range of items you’ll use daily – your Oral-B toothbrush, your Gillette razor, perfumes from Boss and Lacoste, other shampoos, hair colours, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste and denture cream.


John Clark, General Manager of Gordons Chemists says: “We source our P&G products directly from Interactive (IRL) Ltd. Interactive are the only officially appointed distributor for P&G in Northern Ireland. We’ve been working closely with them for many years. We know that the stock they provide us with is authentic. We know that it’s genuine, and that it’s safe for you to use.


“The same applies throughout our sourcing network. We don’t deal with unreputable companies that offer us ‘bargains’. If we’re not 100% certain where a product has come from, it won’t go on our shelves.“ 


John Clark added: “We’re proud to be able to offer you great prices. We’re proud to be able to run promotions such as our 99p Sale every month, all year round.


We don’t – and we never will – put products on our shelves when we cannot vouch for their authenticity.


We don’t – and we never will – risk the health and safety of our customers, by selling them something that might not be what it seems.


Our first concern, as a family-run pharmacy chain, is your health and your well-being. We’re proud to put you first.“