Introducing Flexiseq Gel:

How Flexiseq Gel saved the career of Rodney Dalzell - elite goalkeeping coach.

A top goalkeeping coach’s arthritis was threatening to stop him training Northern Ireland’s elite goalkeepers – until new drug-free Flexiseq Gel saved his career.

Rodney Dalzell is the first team goalkeeping coach with Irish Cup holders Glentoran Football Club, and he has worked with everyone in the local game from Northern Ireland legend Jim Magilton to current national team coach Michael O’Neill. He's highly renowned within Northern Ireland's footballing circles, and in addition to being involved in a number of elite set-ups, he runs his own goalkeeping acedemy - Safe Hands.

His job has taken its toll on his knees over the years – when coaching he’s up and down off the ground around 300-400 times per night. The result of this is that he’s been forced to have two operations within 18 months - one on each knee - to try and ease the agony of his debilitating arthritis.

“I put it on both my knees, once in the morning and again in the evening. I’d smear it right around my kneecaps and even on the backs of my knees – but not directly on the kneecaps. And it works. Paul said it’s known as the wonder gel – and he’s right. It’s been marvellous for me, and I told my surgeon so. He’s delighted for me.”

Rodney told the Sunday World newspaper: “I’ve had two operations – firstly on my right knee, and then on my left knee. The second one was on my left knee, but unfortunately it wasn't very successful. My leg ballooned up after the operation, and when I went back to the surgeon 4 weeks after the surgery it was still badly swollen, and the pain was excruciating. My consultant has advised me that I’ve developed arthritis in both of my knees – which is not good.”

“With my job as a goalkeeping coach I demonstrate a great deal. I’m diving down and then jumping back up 300 or 400 times a night, and that's not good for my knees." Dalzell needs to do this in order to be able to coach elite goalkeepers and develop those who he works with at an academy level; and he needs for his knees to allow him to do so. 

Fearing he’d have to quit his role as a goalkeeping coach - because he could no longer operate at the highest level - Rodney said his arthritis was also affecting his self-esteem, and the pain of it was preventing him from sleeping properly.

A friend – pharmacist and ex-Derry GAA star Paul O’Hea, told him to try Flexiseq Gel – a new gel that combats pain, which has just launched in Northern Ireland. Paul himself uses it (he himself has a metal plate with 5 screws in one of his knees), and said it had received a tremendous response from the public in the Republic of Ireland since its launch there.

Rodney, who runs the highly successful goalkeeping academy Safe Hands, said: “Because the nature of my job, I need my knees. My legs are my tools. And it wasn’t looking good. But then - talking to Paul - it was recommended that I try Flexiseq Gel. I was at the point that I’d try anything!”

What Flexiseq Gel did for Rodney Dalzell

“I applied Flexiseq Gel to both knees, around the kneecaps and around the back of of my knees. Within a week there was a lot more mobility. After about 10 days, I was able to sleep again because the pain had eased so much.”

“I work with Elliott Morris - Glentoran’s goalkeeper, and probably the best goalkeeper in the Irish League (Morris has won 3 league titles with Glentoran, and every honour in the Northern Irish game). My job is not to develop him as a goalkeeper, but rather to keep him sharp, and I felt that I was falling down in that regard because I wasn’t giving him the service I should be.”

“However, after I started using Flexiseq Gel, I became sharper on my feet, and that meant he was sharper. And we were able to achieve a strong finish in the Irish League last season, and win the Irish Cup.”

However, after I started using Flexiseq Gel, I became sharper on my feet, and that meant he was sharper. And we were able to achieve a strong finish in the Irish League last season, and win the Irish Cup.

An estimated 260,000 people in Northern Ireland suffer from osteoarthritis, and Rodney welcomes the availability of Flexiseq Gel here. He believes that he was literally on his last coaching legs, and he had even had to take time off - because his knees had gotten so bad.

“I’m a different goalkeeping coach from any other in Northern Ireland,” he explained. “I’m more technical, and dynamic, than anyone else. Not being able to operate as I would have liked to was very difficult for me, because I was no longer able to meet the high standards that I set for myself. There were times when I was having to apologise to goalkeepers that I was working with. I had my own clinic in Belfast, I worked for 3 different teams, I worked for the IFA, I worked for Glentoran Football Club and I worked for the George Best Football Academy.” With his condition, Rodney was close to reaching the point where he would have to retire from all of this. 

“It was all elite, senior and academy goalkeepers that I was working with - players who were deserving of the very best that I could offer them. And unfortunately, because of the pain and lack of mobility in my knees, my standards were dropping. In turn, their standards were dropping, and my self-esteem was affected because I wasn't able to perform my job as I would have liked - or to the standards that these players deserved. But the gel has really helped me, and once I had my mobility back, I was fine.”


Flexiseq Gel – which contains no drugs but instead uses nanotechnology to replicate naturally occurring phospholipids – lubricates the joints and eases pain. It is simply applied to the affected joints, and allowed to dry.

It’s been a year of highs and lows for Rodney Dalzell, but after being faced with the very real threat of having to hang up his gloves forever, Rodney is now looking forward to continuing to work with the province's best goalkeepers, and opening up a new Safe Hands academy in his native Derry.

“I’m looking forward to launching a Safe Hands academy in Derry. Flexiseq Gel has really helped me – I’m walking around now with a spring in my step. My knees are a victim of my profession, by hopefully Flexiseq Gel will mean I won’t have to give up doing what I love.”

Rodney’s pharmacist friend Paul, who won the All-Ireland with Derry’s U-21s in 2002, is also a great advocate of Flexiseq. Still playing in Derry’s senior football league, he applies Flexiseq Gel to his own joints so that he can prepare and train with the intensity that’s required to complete. Paul has a plate and 5 screws in his own knee, and uses Flexiseq Gel twice daily during the season and whenever he’s doing impact training. 

Flexiseq is available now in Gordons Chemists across Northern Ireland. We are delighted to have Flexiseq Gel on our shelves, as we’ve seen the amazing response it has received from sufferers of arthritis in the Republic of Ireland. We look forward to getting feedback from our own customers – and hearing more success-stories, like Rodney’s.


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