Garnier have launched a luxurious set of five moisturisers made to tailor individual skin types, and the best bit, they come at affordable prices.  They cost £5.99 but are currently for sale at Gordons Direct for an amazing price of just £3.99.

It is estimated that 2.3 million women in the UK don't use moisturiser.  During the day our skin loses a lot of moisture and this is down to everyday things such as the sun, cold, weather, stress and hormones.  In order for us to hydrate our skin we need to moisturise.  However, choosing a moisturiser can prove to be rather difficult.  One moisturiser doesn't suit all skin types and with the ever growing amount of moisturisers it can be hard to determine which one is best suited to our skin type.  That is until now, Garnier have introduced these tailor-made moisturisers to address specific skin concerns. 

wake-me-up-moisture-match'Wake Me Up' boosts your skin's radiance and leaves it looking revitalised.

goodbye-dry-moisture-match'Goodbye Dry' is nourished with moisture leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.


start-afresh-moisture-match'Start Afresh' gives an immediate fresh faced feeling and dewy look.

Protect-and-glow-moisture-match'Protect and Glow' gives you that just-back-from-the-beach look (without the tan lines).

shine-be-gone-moisture-match'Shine Be Gone' gives a long lasting matte effect reducing the appearance of shine.


With this new range of Moisture Match it makes finding the right moisturiser to suit your skin easier and more affordable.

Moisture Match

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