Garnier Ultimate Blends

The power of tailor-made blends to transform your hair

Great hair can be a way to make any woman feel confident and fabulous, with Garniers new Ultimate Blends range, this task has been made easier. 

This Ultimate Blends range has been launched to help tackle the most common hair problems, dry and damaged, lifeless, split ends… everything!  With natural ingredients, luxurious textures and lavish fragrance to provide the best tailor-made hair experience.  The range also features transformative oils. 



The Marvellous Transformer infused with Moroccan Argan oil and Camilla oil, to help very dry and damaged hair.  With a root to tip treatment this product helps restore the natural beautiful shine to the hair.  If you’re finding your hair lifeless, dull and just boring then this is for you!

The Colour Illuminator shampoo and conditioner with cranberry extracts not only smells delicious but it also helps repair, protect and transform coloured hair.  Coloured hair can often look dull and lifeless after a few washes, but the Colour Illuminator enhances brightness and repairs the hair whilst the cranberries extracts helps fight fading and give the hair a deep-nourishment. 

The Sleek Restorer contains coconut oil and cocoa butter, and is tailor-made for dry and frizzy hair. This not only restores the hair but it also tames flyaways and gives you a sleek and effortless glow.  If you’re finding your hair hard to tame and style then this is the product for you.