So as the cold dark nights approach, the ability to get a natural glowing tan fades also, or does it?


Iconic Bronze’ is here to help us all stay tanned all year round. 


There are many brands of fake tan out there, so what makes a tanning product truly special and a must have? Keep reading


When it comes to fake tan, everyone has different preferences, some tans don’t agree with certain skin types and the options are just endless – so you can select your favourite (and after you try Iconic Bronze, your favourite may well change).


I’m going to admit I am a self-confessed tan-obsessed girl with a pretty strong weekly routine of exfoliate, moisturise, tan etc. which needs to be repeated until I resemble a TOWIE wannabee (yes I am into the ‘darker the better’ look).


Maybe not this dark though (hides behind hands)



Lindsay Lohan





After seeing beauty bloggers rave about Iconic Bronze all over social media, I was beyond excited to give it a try and see if it lives up to the hype. Iconic Bronze comes in lotion form (and if I am completely honest I normally prefer a mousse but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the lotion applied and blended out, with no streaks!). 


Before getting into details of how the tan applied, let’s get down to the ingredient details and why this tanning lotion is the one for you…


Iconic Bronze is free from Parabens and Harsh Chemicals and is enriched with Sunflower Oil, which moisturises your skin while giving you an amazing bronzed glow.  It locks in the moisturising qualities from the sunflower oil and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished.


Added bonus – This tan genuinely does not carry that dreaded biscuit/tan smell, I was extremely surprised to find a sweet and floral scent, the lotion has hints of Jasmine, Mandarin, and fig! It smells delicious!


Iconic Bronze





So not only does this tan smell beautiful it blends like a dream, and the dark lotion actually leaves you with a rich DARK golden glow, unlike some brands that you can see half the tan disappear down the drain! (MISS YOU)




Sophia Mitchell
















Just look at that colour pay off from the dark lotion *heart eyes*


Check out the beautiful Sophia Mitchell, the brand ambassador, she has filmed a fab tanning routine tutorial. Watch here!



You can now purchase the Iconic Bronze tanning lotions from your local Gordons Chemists and online!