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So, in case you haven’t already noticed, curls and waves are all the rage this summer.  With celebrities like Mylene Klass and Eva Longoria showing how to do it best.  There are many different ways to curl your hair; from simple hair products to electrical hair styling there is something to suit all hair types and lengths.


 Curling Wands


The curling wand is the latest of a curling iron/tong and truly is a wonderful invention that helps you create a flawless curly or wavy hair style with little effort required.  The only decision you have to make before using a curling wand is, “Do I want tight curls, loose curls or just waves?”.   You are able to create different styles depending on where you place your hair on the barrel.  They also come with heat settings, so if your hair is fine or damaged you can keep the temperature lower or if you have thicker hair you can use a higher temperature to create the desired look.

Before using the curling wand be sure to wash and condition your hair thoroughly and in some cases you may have to apply a little mousse to make sure that the curls stay in place.  When applying products to your hair before using the curling wand, don’t use too much as this can make your hair sticky and hard and will affect how your curls turn out.  You could use John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Hair Serum 50ml which will add gloss and get rid of the frizz.

When using the curling wand, wind your hair round the barrel in the direction you want the curls to sit and be sure not to hold for too long as you don’t want to damage your hair (between 4-8seconds should be enough depending on the thickness of your hair.)  When you have done your whole head, run your fingers through the curls to make them look more natural and spray lightly with a hairspray to set them. 

 Curling Tongs

 Curling Tongs have been around for a very long time as they are a girl’s best friend when it comes to curling hair.  They are available with different barrel sizes in order to make sure girls with short hair and long hair can use them.  For tight curls use a small barrel and for larger curls and waves use a larger barrel.

The same rules apply when using curling tongs that applied when using curling wands.  Make sure you prepare your hair properly by shampooing and conditioning it to ensure it is well moisturised.  If you think your hair will need some products to ensure the curls stay in then you can use mousse or a frizz ease treatment to help it.  

The best way to use curling tongs is to divide your hair into four sections to ensure even styling the whole way round your head.  Spread your hair evenly on the tong before clamping and make sure it is securely wound around the tong to avoid crimping the ends.  (This is a common occurrence if they aren’t used right and it’s not a good look!)  Hold your hair like this for no more than 10 seconds and you should have the desired curl.  It takes a bit of practice with curling tongs before you will get the look you want, but keep at it because the result is brilliant.  In some cases when you release the hair from the clamp you will have to re-do with your finger while the hair is still hot, just to set the curl.

If you want your hair to stay styled with tight curls simply spray with hairspray and DO NOT BRUSH! However, if you want looser, more natural curls then wait until your hair cools and then either go through your hair with your fingers or a brush.  Again finish with hairspray.

 hair BraidingIf you want to achieve curls without having to damage your hair by applying heat to it then braiding or plaiting your hair before you go to bed is the best way to do this.  Once you have washed your hair comb through it, getting rid of all excess water and pin the top section of your hair.  If you want really curly hair then the more plaits you have the better, however, if you are just looking for a wavy more natural look, thicker plaits are what you need.  

French braids are a good way of ensuring that your hair is curly right to the very roots but normal plaits will still have a nice effect.  Once you have your hair in plaits, let them dry.  It will take a while for this to happen so it’s nearly best to keep them in overnight.  When your plaits have dried, slowly take them out, dividing with your fingers but NEVER use your brush!   Add hairspray to finish the look.

You may wish to use the following products when plaiting or braiding your hair to help style it and keep it look frizz free and looking beautiful.

Hair Styling Products

The following styling brushes can prove quite useful when curling your hair using any of the above methods.  They will make styling and dividing hair much easier.

Hair Styling Brushes

What method do you use for curling your hair or do you have any other suggestions?  We would love to hear about them.


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