Jolen Crème Bleach

Jolen Bleach

Jolen Crème Bleach is a cream that bleaches unwanted hair blonde, with the result being that hair is less visible to the eye.  From speaking to a number of people who use this cream it only really works if you have light skin and dark hair because if you had dark hair and dark skin the hairs would be visible when bleached blonde.

If you are fed up of waxing (which is painful) and/or shaving (which means the hairs come back dark and stubbly and needs constant attention) then you seriously need to consider bleaching unwanted hair.  You can use Jolen Bleach on your chin, tummy, arms, toes, upper lip and eyebrows.  Once you have purchased Jolen bleach you will find everything you need inside the box which includes:

1. A mixing tray

2. Spatula

3. Crème bleach pot

4. Accelerator Power

 Be sure to follow the instructions given as you don’t want to burn or agitate any skin.  If you have never used Jolen Bleach Crème before then it is advised that you do a patch test to test for allergies and reactions.  Once you have applied a small amount of crème to test, leave for approximately ten minutes, then rinse off and wait for 24 hours to ensure you can use on larger areas of skin.

1. Here are some of the responses we got from people who use or have used Jolen Bleach:

2. Brilliant on sensitive skin.

3. The pot is extremely good value and lasts a long time.

4. I was expecting the smell of bleach to be a lot stronger.

5. Blends the hair colour in very well but doesn’t last for the claimed 6 weeks, 5    weeks maximum.  But then I suppose it depends on how dark your hair is.

6. Works very fast on eyebrows, so keep an eye on it, if this does happen use an eyebrow pencil to darken slightly, you don’t want bleached blonde eyebrows unless you have bleached blonde hair!

7. Works very quick so watch your timings.

8. Very strong so if you want to completely bleach hair then it’s perfect but needs close attention if used on eyebrows etc.

9. Sometimes, I have found, the bleach can become itchy and painful after about ten minutes but it soon disappears and the results are perfect.  No more waxing for me!


Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream

Nair Hair Removal

Nair Hair Removal Cream for sensitive skin is a very effective and easy way to remove unwanted body hair.  It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and is gentle enough to use on legs, bikini and underarms.  The great thing about this cream is that it is enriched with moisturising Camellia Oil and a protecting Ylang Ylang extracts to gently but effectively remove hair as well as nourish the skin leaving it soft and smooth to the touch.

 Once again, before using this product it is advised to do a patch test and leave for 24hours to monitor how your skin reacts to this product.  Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people, even after prior use without adverse effects. Therefore, a test should always be carried out on a small part of the area to be treated before each use. Follow the instructions and if the skin appears normal after 24 hours, proceed with the full application.

Once you have carried out the patch test and are confident with the outcome to proceed, you must ensure skin is clean and dry, then using the spatula provided apply a thick, even layer of the cream.  Be sure to add a thick layer and not just a light covering as it won’t work properly if not applied in this way.   After 5 to 6 minutes, test a small area with the spatula. If the hair does not come away from the test area easily, leave for a few minutes longer; however do not exceed 15 minutes in total.  Remove the cream using the spatula, then rinse the area immediately with plenty of warm water to remove all traces of the cream. Do not rub or use soap.

We have spoke to a number of people who have used this product and the consensus is that it is a very effective hair removal cream that is easy to use and does as it says.  Here is what they say about the cream:

1. Very effective and easy to use.

2. Does exactly what it says and doesn’t irritate the skin.

3. Massage the cream when taking it off as it tends to help remove the last few hairs.

4. Quick and painless.

5. Doesn’t sting like some creams.

6. Very effective cream, but it has a very strong smell, but once washed off it is fine.

7. I have used it on my underarms and legs, I had to keep on for the required time as I have thick hair, and the smell wasn’t the nicest but is definitely not the worst.

8. It has quite a strong chemical smell which wears off your skin, but showering helps.  It didn’t burn and works very well so I would recommend but prepare yourself for the smell.


Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive


Veet Hair Removal

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin is another very effective way of getting rid of that unwanted hair.  Veet claim to put nasty rashes and stubble behind you and help to avoid embarrassing lumps and bumps.  Veet appears to be quite similar to the Nair hair cream shown above and contains aloe vera & vitamin E for deep moisturisation.

 Once again it is advised to do a patch test to ensure your skin won’t react to the product.  Once you have completed the test and are sure your skin won’t react it is time to apply the cream.  Simply apply the silky moisturising formula onto your skin, wait 5 minutes, and remove cream and hair with the spatula.   Rinse your skin thoroughly with water after use and dry.

 What most people have said about this product is that your skin is also left incredibly soft and smooth after use.  Many girls would have moisturised their legs after showering but now they don’t need to because Veet does it for them. 

1. Here is what they had to say about the product: 

2. Brilliant results but the smell isn’t pleasant, but most definitely not the worst.

3. The result is way better than shaving and didn’t irritate my skin at all!

4. Does what it says, hair comes away easily, leaves you with soft skin.

5. Hair grew back quicker than I thought.

6. Removes all hair and is really good for sensitive skin.

7. I would tend to have quite sensitive skin and have tried previous creams that have left me red and with hives but this one was brilliant and my skin was very soft afterwards.

8. My hair actually grew back softer!


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