Love Summer Hate Hayfever


If (like me) you're one of the unfortunates who suffers from hayfever, you'll try anything.


I can appreciate that there are, in life, many things that are much more horrible than hayfever or allergic rhinitis. But when your eyes are burning, your nose is streaming, and the world around you is enjoying the great weather (and seemingly oblivious to your torment), it can seem that there are few things worse. 


Last summer, I (along with most of Northern Ireland it seemed) wore a Hay-Band Hayfever Relief Band. At Gordons Chemists, we literally could not keep them in stock. Thousands of you bought one. 


Hay-Band Hay Fever Relief Band is a drug-free way of getting relief from hay fever and allergic rhinitis.


This year, I'll hopefully find my hay-band in whichever drawer it was last left in. More likely, I'll be buying one again. Hay-Band will be a priority buy for me in the next few weeks.


Why (I hear you ask...)?


Because it's that good. I don't fully understand how it works (I'll try and figure that out during the next few sentences...). All I do know is that it does work. It properly stopped my hayfever symptoms last year. And when I forgot to put it on, I regretted it...


What exactly is Hay-Band and how does it work?


It's a sort-of strap-band. That stops you getting hayfever symptoms.

The key is in the name...


It slips onto your arm and is worn around the elbow.


Hay-Band Hay Fever Relief Band is a drug-free way of getting relief from hay fever and allergic rhinitis.


The best way I can describe it, is that it's a bit like one of those sweat bands people wear on their wrist when playing squash. That sort of material, just not as thick. It's actually two thin bands that are joined; and it sits around the elbow - one part above the joint, and the other below it.


It's skin-coloured, so you can wear it with a t-shirt or short sleeves without it being too noticeable. It's slim enough also to wear it underneath a shirt. 


Hay-Band Hay Fever Relief Band is a drug-free way of getting relief from hay fever and allergic rhinitis.


The Hay-Band magic is contained in the white button-like piece of plastic that you can see. This gently presses against a point on your arm. And that stops you suffering hayfever symptoms! It's all to do with acupressure


Pressure Points


Acupressure is a bit like acupuncture, except that it doesn't involve needles, or piercing of the skin in any way. Instead, your pressure points are stimulated from the outside - a technique which has been a part of Chinese medicine for 4,000 years.


Chinese traditional medicine (I googled this bit...) believes that a person's health is governed by the free flow of energy (known as chi) through their body. This energy flows through channels around the body, and along these channels are many pressure points. It is believed that an illness or other condition is due to a blockage or disruption in the flow of energy around the body. Stimulation of the pressure points helps release the blockage, so allowing the energy to flow freely and return the body back to its natural balance.


Each pressure point is believed to be related to a specific part of the body, so different points are used to help treat different parts of the body, for example a headache or another symptom. 


In the case of Hay-Band, the acupressure point stimulated is the LI-11 - also known as the QuiChi point. It's important for me to say that the single point stimulation of the LI-11 point has not been clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis. 


Hay-Band Hay Fever Relief Band is a drug-free way of getting relief from hay fever and allergic rhinitis.



But - not having been clinically proven doesn't mean that it doesn't work. For me (and for thousands of our customers during Summer 2018) Hay-Band was really effective in preventing hayfever symptoms. 


Hay-Band is a DRUG-FREE way of managing hayfever


One of the big selling points of Hay-Band is that it is drug free. For something like allergic rhinitis and hayfever, that can be particularly important.


Many of the tablets that you can take (whether you buy these over-the-counter, or are prescribed them by your GP) can have side-effects. One main, common side-effect of anti-histamines is drowsiness, for instance. Personally, I find that taking a nasal spray isn't pleasant, and in the past I've never found it to be wholly effective either. The same can be said for eye drops. 


That's not to say that these aren't effective methods of treating your hayfever symptoms - simply that Hay-Band is a treatment that doesn't involve the use of medication - which lots of people will count as a bonus. 


The beauty of Hay-Band is that it's a relatively cheap and simple way of controlling and preventing your hayfever symptoms. And, it's one that a load of people (myself included) found to really, really work. 


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