When I heard about the new He-Shi Wonder Glow, I was SUPER EXCITED that He-Shi were expanding their already fab collection BUT I am not going to lie, I was a little hesitant! The latest phase for the tan/beauty market is a liquid shimmer and my heart had already been won by the bBold OH.MY.GOLD, so I knew it was going to take a lot to even have me considering a move from a staple product in my daily beauty routine.

On first impressions, the HD Wonder Glow looks very elegant, the sparkle pink packaging is girly and classy with a rose gold finish adding to the expensive feel of the product. It would make a beautiful addition to anyone’s beauty collection for the branding alone and it definitely had me even MORE excited to lather on this shimmering liquid!

He-Shi promise that ‘Flawless HD skin is just a bottle away…’ and honestly, they are not wrong! I have tried MANY self-tan shimmer products, ranging from expensive to cheap, and this is absolutely one of the best ones. When first applying the HD Wonder Glow I was so pleased with its texture. I'm pale and blonde so I was unsure how this product would sit on my skin but omg it was fabulous! It dried on SUPER-FAST and the colour was instantly visible, giving me a golden illuminous glow. I stepped into the light and wow. The shimmer off this lotion really is gorgeous!

To give the HD Wonder Glow a proper test I wore it out on a full day trip (To Newcastle - for ice cream of course!) and honestly, it gave me such an added boost of confidence, it is like a liquid highlighter for your whole body! The blemish bluring effects are magical, all the little bruises/marks on my arms and legs were completely smoothed out. Another fab thing is, it really doesn’t stain or transfer that much so clothes don’t get wrecked and when it does it washes out easily.

What’s more not only is it perfect for your body but it also doubles up as a base for under your make-up. As demonstrated by the gorgeous @jodiemakeupUK how UNREAL does her skin look using this product as her base, I am totally in love with this illuminated summer look.

The He-Shi HD Wonder Glow really is such an amazing product. They describe it as a revolutionary light reflective, skin perfecting instant make up for the face and body that highlights and illuminates. The Wonder Glow definitely does ALL of this! It is versatile and so easy to use, PERFECT for an instant healthy glow. It is also beautiful over a fresh tan on a night out to give you a sultry glow. Thank you He-Shi for my NEW beauty bag go too!