Hi, I’m Ciara.



I thought that I should formally introduce myself in case you are thinking “who is this strange person with the funny name that has taken over Gordons Chemists beauty blog?”


Well, the answer is ME.



I’m the ‘new girl’ here at Gordons Chemists HQ.




But why am I here?


Well, I’m currently a Business Marketing student at Liverpool John Moore’s University and I’m taking a year out to get some work experience with the Marketing department at Gordons Chemists.


As you can imagine, it’s an IMMENSE change from my usual day-to-day student life.


Instead of dry Wheeto cereal every day (other cereal is available), I’m getting proper HOME. COOKED. MEALS! I almost shrieked with fear when I saw a real life VEGETABLE on my plate as they have become so alien to me.


I actually have a steady income (which I’m taking complete advantage of, might I add. I’m on a first name basis with the postman.)


Rather than sleeping until 3pm every day, my life is like Rihanna’s song, work work work work work, and the rest of it I can’t really understand.







It’s a whole new world.


And at 8.30am starts, I needn’t dare close my eyes. (lol)











As part of my work experience, the guys at Gordons Chemists have asked me to take over their blog and let all you lovely people listen to me rambling on about the latest beauty trends, tips and tricks.


But I promise I know what I’m talking about!



I’ll be reviewing some products and giving you my honest opinion on them, so if I use a hair dye that turns my hair green, at least you’ll know not to buy it! (Taking one for the team)



They’ve also trusted me with their Instagram account #blessed, so follow me over on @gordonschemists and see what I’ve been up to!


You can also follow me over on my personal instagram profile @ciaradecarteret (shameless self promo)


So I hope you’ll keep an eye out for any new posts, and follow me on my journey with Gordons Chemists for the next year.




Enjoy my blog, and the awful puns that come with it!