False lashes are one of the quickest ways of transforming your whole makeup look! Some people rock the falsies every day (respect to you!!) some rock them on the weekends and special occasions and some have never even tried a pair.


So if you would like a quick and easy run through of how to apply a false lash then Gordons Chemists are here to help….


Full and volumous lashes will make your eyes look bigger and help achieve that “doe eyed/doll” look, but don’t just dive straight in with the biggest pair you can find.  False lashes are all about personal preference, some want full on glamour, some want a natural finish but just remember to always pick a lash with a thin and discrete band (pictured below – Ardell Demi Wispes) as this will ensure they look natural and attach to the eye easily.







So once you have chosen your favourite lashes, time for step one….  (my personal fav is the Grainne Mccoy “George” lashes, they are wispy and glamorous but not over powering – I find they really open the eye and suit most- if not all- eye shapes).

*pictured below* 







So time to get your supplies together, I recommend you use the following:



-          Your choice of lashes (Grainne McCoy George)


-          Glue (sometimes included in the box of lashes if not Gordons Chemists stock an Eylure glue)


-          Scissors (to cut the lashes to fit your eye)


-          Eyeliner (Optional and will be explained later)


-          Tweezers (Also optional but makes application easier)




Step one –


- Open the packet of lashes, gently separate the lash from the base lid (do not rip the lashes off roughly as this may damage and effect the natural curve of the lash).



- Measure the strip up to your eye and see if you will need to trim the lash to fit your eye shape (this is where the scissors come in handy).  If you need to trim the lash PLEASE trim it from the outer corner of the lash!  Start by trimming a small amount then measure it to your eye and repeat the process until you are happy.



TopTip – wrap your lashes around a makeup brush or your finger to add a curve to the eyelash strip,         This makes them much easier to apply to the curve of your lid.


- Once your lashes are curved, time to apply the glue. Squeeze a small amount onto your hand, or directly on to the lash band…. Leave to dry for AT LEAST 30 seconds and until tacky. If you apply when the glue is still wet they will not stick as well and will create a mess!


-  I find applying lashes MUCH easier when I use tweezers. You simply pinch the middle of the lash band and slowly place on the centre of your eye.  Once you are happy with the position use the tweezers or your fingers to fix the corners into place.



TopTip - once my lashes are applied I gently squeeze the false lash band to my own lash line to ensure a discrete finish. 








Optional finishing touches –


- You can now run an eyeliner pencil or liquid liner gently across the false lash band to banish any gaps and create a fuller look.


- If drama is what you’re after then finish the lashes with a swoop of your favourite mascara to bond your lashes with the false ones and create full on glamour.



Also, if you take care of your lashes you can reuse them, simply remove the glue and mascara build up with warm soapy water and tweezers, and place them somewhere safe and dry!



So if you want to get lashed up head into your local Gordons Chemists and choose your favourite from our never ending eyelash ranges!



Thanks for reading

Nicole x