Cleaning your makeup brushes can be a mundane lengthy task, however it must be done – to avoid breakouts, spreading bacteria and ensure your brushes last as long as possible!


Gordons Chemists are here to give you an easy and quick guide to ensure your brushes last for years and keep your skin clear! 



So, how often should you wash your brushes?


Foundation, concealer or any “base brushes” should be washed once a week or once every two weeks (depending how much you use your brushes) to prevent a build-up of product.  These brushes are used on your face, so to avoid breakouts, the cleaner the better!


Brushes used for the eye area should be cleaned at least twice a month,


All other brushes, for example; Contouring, lips, blusher etc. can be washed once a month



Products needed for a deep clean:


-       Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette


-       Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel



RT Brush Cleansing palette and gel




Quick and easy guide to washing your brushes…


-       Lay out all your dirty brushes in a row


-       Dampen the brush slightly with warm water (not too hot, as it can damage the brush bristles)


-       Slip hand into the palette handle


-       Squeeze the Real Techniques cleansing gel onto the palette and add warm water


-       Swirl your brush around the palette (the various surfaces deep clean your brushes and ensure all makeup build-up is removed)


-       Rinse bristles and palette thoroughly (do not immerse your entire brush into the water as it may cause bristles to loosen and fall out)


-       Squeeze excess water out of your brushes


-       Leave brushes on a clean dry towel to dry naturally



Repeat process for your entire brush collection



You are now left with fresh, clean brushes that will work to a higher standard and last longer.


(Photo Cred: LMD Makeup)



RT Brush Cleaning





RT Brush Cleaning






RT Brush Cleaning