LadyCare Menopause

A tiny magnet, that could ease away the symptoms and misery of the menopause.


This discreet magnet is not much bigger than a 50p piece and is believed to help rebalance your hormone levels in a safe and gentle way. 


Using this device will mean no more suffering from; night sweats, hot flushes, bloating or mood swings.  A study on over 500 women with menopause in the UK, were tested using LadyCare menopause and it was reported as having life changing benefits.    Every woman experienced some benefit by using the LadyCare magnet, with symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, sleeping problems, incontinence and breast tenderness being reduced by up to 70%.  Many of the volunteers even lost weight, with some losing more than a stone after wearing the magnet for 3 months.


This product is ideal for women with the menopause who are reluctant to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) as this product is a natural solution with no side effects.




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